Why the fuck is crane cMK super cancellable?

can anyone enlighten me or is it just a capcom troll attempt

I asked the same question a year ago. Somebody said it was to make FADC possible. Even Gief’s green hand is super cancellable.

On counterhit, crane c.MK FADC links into mantis s.MP, so it’s not useless at all. A useful example is countering Ryu’s f+hp while in crane. That move has a ton of startup, and in case you’re late for the CH you can still outpoke that move while pushing him back. If you see CH appear, immediately FADC and try to connect s.LP (better for hitconfirming).

thx, makes a little more sense now. Although I wont try that in an acutal match, sMP is counterhit material enough for me lol!