Why ppl hate dsp so much?

~ I made 10 useless threads in one day. What a awesome way for me to get banned! ~

DSP fucked up best buy
deserves respect for that :lovin:

He paid out of his pocket to support ECC, so he also deserves respect for that.

I think he’s funny.

Some people have legitimate beef with him. However, I personally have no problem with him.

By the way, how old are you?

Is it time for the DSP fan club/haters thread to start up again?

Seriously who gives a shit about him, he’s just a gamer who posts vids of himself raging at games.

:rolleyes: Award season comes earlier and earlier every year. :rolleyes:


because he doesnt know when to shut up, which can be taken as either hilarious, or down right annoying. Your pick.

Does anyone know why dsp closed down top-haters.com?

fucks that guy know about weed? i know he aint smoking no BC sticky icky kush

I don’t hate him, but his videos about Saint’s Row 2 suck ass. Blaming the game for his skill with a helicopter, I mean what the hell man? Fucking get better at the game, and stop whining!