Why it's okay for fighting games to be hard

Hello, there. My name is Tre’Von ‘YinCrescent’ Carmouche a former player of Dead Or Alive 5 and currently now pursuing my new path in Tekken 7. This is my first time writing an article, or…whatever this junk is so bare with me.

Now with introductions out of the way I want to give readers some thoughts on why it’s okay for fighting games to be hard as well as addressing a few other things, such as emotions like anger or sadness from not doing well, or just hitting a wall during your journey. Fighting games over the course of its birth have had a notorious reputation for being difficult. It seems that no matter how much things change, the more they stay the same. Fast forwarding to recent gameplay of our fighters, we’ve had a massive growth of information and technicality when it comes to some fighters. Which can be a mind boggler for players such as casuals, or new players who want to start playing competitively amongst the FGC.
During the time I was introduced to fighters (Soul Calibur 4 Era) I didn’t really have a clue as to how they worked. Honestly I sat there and pressed buttons with no thoughts of frame data going through my mind. I didn’t know about mind games, how to utilize mechanics, recognize patterns effectively or adjust.

As I played fighters more and more I continued to grow and become a little more knowledgeable on how to approach and even break down the most complex situations into basic forms of info. While I still have a little trouble now, I know I’m a LOT better than I was years ago and that’s what matters most. I find that some people may become infuriated when they find a problem they cant deal with, so many things could happen. But the most common is complaining about something without taking the time to really study that situation to form a solution.
Often they would be flooded with a bunch of scrub shaming and git guds (which doesnt help depending on the person.)

I’ve encountered various obstacles and problems in fighters. But I never saw it as something I couldn’t handle. I studied and looked for various ways I could avoid these things from happening, or to punish someone for faulty tactics. Sometimes I felt like I would never be good because of these problems, I would get angry or frustrated because I know that I could do so much better. Even now I still get frustrated, It’s normal. So improving isnt impossible, its just that you need to find the right people to help you get where you need to be and exceed those limits.

Losses should be education. Not a sign of why you should give up, because the only thing stopping you from evolving as a player is yourself. It’s okay for fighting games to be hard because it opens up so many opportunities that you may have never thought possible. Think of it as breaking a limit exhausting every option you’ve had up until that point.

While it’s okay to strive to for victory don’t dwell on your pride and remember those wins, but rather always strive to be better and improve on the faults presented in front of you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter @yincrescent
P.S I also do a bunch of artwork too.


Cute Eliza.

Rising Thunder pretty well proved that no matter how easy you make a fighting game, it is still too difficult for people to learn. People just found other shit to whine about.

Fantasy Strike seems to be much easier though. I’m not sure why people keep using RT as the go-to easy fighter experiment with FS being a much better example. I doubt FS is too difficult for people to learn, but most wouldn’t stick with it because the salt is just as real as with any other fighter.

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In terms of same room multiplayer, i dont know how you can be salty at FS unless youre just mad at yourself because you fucked up or you didnt know how to respond to another character’s moveset. That shit can happen and thats something that goes on in ANY FIGHTER being played even today. But other than that, it makes it very obvious to understand how and why youre fucking up. Definitely more so than any other fighter ive played.

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Listen, while I’m sure a lot of what you wrote may be true in some regards. Your problem here is that you choose the wrong audience to pitch it too. Posting that FGs aren’t that hard and don’t give up message on a website dedicated to fighting games (particularly Capcom ones) since late 2000 til now is a poor choice. We wouldn’t be on this website originally if we didn’t play fighting games to some degree. A FPS player isn’t going to go hey, “I wonder how the general discussion sub forum of a website based entirely of a genre of games that I don’t play is like.” And come searching here. And then goto the fighting game discussion board and check out this particular topic.