Why isn't the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series considered competitive?

Hello everyone, I’m new to competitive fighting games and I really suck at SSF4. With that out of the way, I’m curious as to why the DBZ Budokai series isn’t competitive. It’s not that I think it is, it’s just that I would like to hear the opinions of people who really play fighting games competitively. What could be added to or changed about the formula to make it into a good, seriously competitive and deep fighting game?

“Competitive” isn’t the right word to use. What you are looking for is “popularity among people who go out to tournaments”. You can have a shallow game that has that, and deep game that doesn’t.

SF4 is made by Dimps and copies focus attack from the DBZ games anyway so lol…

Eh, the vibe I always got here was that Budokai 3 was one of the like 3 Dragonball games which were worth a damn competetively.
(Forgot what the other 2 were)

Infinite World, Super DBZ, and the Another Road series.

Super DBZ and IW are the most competive of the games IMO.

i dont think theres alot of budokai tournaments but theres alot of info on the games out there. the ones on psp were pretty deep but IIRC trunks runs shit on all the versions

Because the majority of Budokai 3’s playerbase is more interested in replicating Goku x Vegeta from vol. 38 than playing the game competitively.

Not so much for B3 but man I wish people did for IW and SDBZ. Same for Dissidia even though my characters got absolutely raped going from Dissida to 012

Another Road is so balls to the wall broken it’s hilarious. It’s practically the Marvel of the Budokai series, get tagged once and sit in a combo for 3 minutes until you die. You pretty much HAVE to set the match to full health of like 7 bars or whatever the hell the max health is to have a chance to fight back.

Hmmm, heard the system was good but character balance wise it was pretty wack. Trunks especially.

Everyone was pretty busted really, Trunks was just kinda easy to use. Anyone in the game if given enough effort could shit out 3000 damage as long as you don’t drop your combo. It’s by far the most robust Budokai system because it has pretty much every mechanic in the Budokai series and the meta is actually kinda cool and interesting at a higher level where you get into spacing and 3D fighter type whiff punishing on top of the hit/throw/unblockable game which is all pretty fresh and unique to most other fighters, but god damn if there wasn’t some silly stuff you could do in that game.

its all about burst cancels or some shit i dont really remember been awhile since i played

Mainly due to both the playerbase, the general reputation of DBZ games, and the games themselves being pretty broken. With the right capsule setup, O. Shenron in B3 could get away with nonsense that would make most SNK bosses cower in sheer terror.

Didn’t budokai 3 have charged move cancels that usually ended up hitting ppl for like 60% off anything?

YEs B3 has Charge Cancelling

Infinite World was pretty much the best all-around Budokai game in terms of stuff like balance and mechanics. There’s some cheap stuff but most of the cast is playable. It just didn’t get a lot of attention due to poor advertisement. It was pretty much Budokai 3.5.

Yeah, it’s hard to find DBZ fans that actually care about legitimately good fighting games. The Tenkaichi series will always be the most popular due to how nice of a DBZ simulator it is, but as a competitive fighter it doesn’t hold much water. This is pretty much why Super DBZ tanked; it was an excellent fighter but the majority of the fanbase whined that it wasn’t flashy enough, too hard to play, etc. The fandom eats itself alive when it comes to games and then they wonder why we get crap released like Ultimate Tenkaichi.

You pretty much had it right. In the Shin Budokai entries, we could do Aura Burst cancels. It is essentially an extension of Charge Cancels which you can also do.

SBAR, IW, and SDBZ are excellent fighters based on DBZ and should be played more. Man, what would I do for a 2nd Budokai HD collection (Shin Budokai games, Evo, and IW).

Lack of any online mode for one, if B3 HD had online SSF4 would be thrown out of the window. It’s probably becuz of Dimps that I find SF4 to be semi-enjoyable.