Why isn't SPFII:T included yet?

Does “legendary Capcom game” ring a bell here? It’s a game based almost completely on competitive drive, and yet it’s still can’t get a spot over SSBM or Mario Kart? Bullshoot, man. Let’s see EVO get it right next year and include this classic in the lineup, so some Puzzle Fighter bums like me can get some national attention.

i dunno, if pf came to evo. im pretty sure the old vegas crew would mop the comp up along with socal. either way, it would be pretty cool

Definitely should of been here instead of Mario Kart last year. But I dont think it would deserve to take the place of anything on the line up this year.


MKDS was there last year for fun. It required almost nothing to run.

Here’s a hint…set up a side tournament there at the event. Get crackin.

I’m guessing Pocket Fighter is in the same position also (regarding tournament inclusion)…

btw, SSBM does NOT > Puzzle Fighter!

Yeah it does. Does Pocket Fighter deserve to be there over Guilty Gear?

puzzle fighter is pretty broken ken is the only playable character

Ban everyone except for ken and its perfectly balanced and doesn’t affect the gameplay one bit~

but isn’t Dan a bit slanted (pattern-wise), though?