Why is Vega considered worse/bad/not solid in AE?

Hi guys, I’m no Vega Player (T.Hawk Player), but I was wondering why Vega is considered worse/bad/not solid in AE? I have a friend who I play against regularly who uses Vega, and he tells me that Vega sucks in AE, but so far I’m not seeing it. Can you guys be extremely specific as to why he’s possibly not good in AE? Please explain as if you’re talking to the AE Balancing Team (Without trolling please :)) Thanks.

Lots of very spacific information here

I dont mean to be short, but it’s just that this threads like this one seems to bring alot of negative energy and has been reiterated several times

In before yet another flame war about AE changes.

One could argue that Vega has gotten worse, as well as one could argue that Vega actually got buffed. Let’s take a look at his changes, first and foremost:

cr.mk startup reduced from 8 to 6 frames.
EX RCF recovery reduced from 22 to 20 frames.
Izuna grab range increased by… some amount.
Super grab range increased.
More airbourne frames on backdash.

Reduced damage on cr.mp by probably not a whole lot (10, maybe?)
Reduced damage on cr.hk, 110 in Super, 90 in AE.
U2 startup increased from 7 to 9 frames.
Blockstun from df.hk decreased by 3 frames.
EX FBA launching hit (flying knee) damage decreased from 50 to 30.

I think that’s all, please do correct me if I’m wrong.

All in all, a mixed bag. Depending on your preferred way of playing Vega, I’d say that it’s up to you to decide if he’s been buffed or nerfed. In case you haven’t noticed (and I take it you haven’t, since you started this thread), the Vega forum is pretty much a shit storm at the moment just because of this - everyone is right and everyone else is wrong and everything sucks balls yadda yadda.
If your friend feel that Vega has been nerfed, I’m gonna take a guess and say that he found himself relying on Cosmic Heel, both for damage and for offensive momentum. A common opinion, and it’s definitely a valid point. It was a nerf that hurt, since Cosmic Heel was a very useful normal, unlike the EX RCF buff which is barely noticeable because of the move’s limited uses. In the end, it all comes down to if you think that the buffs outweigh the nerfs or not.

As for myself, I think that Vega is less viable in AE. The biggest nerf to Vega was the introduction of the twins.

I never really thought about it this way, but its pretty accurate. Well said


IMO Vega was nerfed but even so, he can still hold his own against the majority of the cast. But he stands no chance against the twins, and in the end, that is what hurts him the most.

In my first AE offline session. I actually remember saying when being asked about the nerfs
"I personally don’t think so much that Vega’s like worse worse, but everyone else got so many buffs where he didn’t, it’s just harder for him to keep up, twins especially."

Taking into consideration Vega could wreck characters like Makoto and Sakura. They got a shit tonne of buffs and it now feels a lot harder. I also found Dudley easier in Super to deal with whereas his buffs (like j.HK knocking down now) make him tougher since air to air, one wrong move and you’re easily eating some oki)

I think he’s better on the strength of his new c.MK alone.

instead of just making a claim, can you explain why? these blanket statements get annoying.

Sure! I just assumed everyone who played Vega already knew about c.MK!

c.MK is a low poke with very long range that is cancelable, is +2 on block and +4 or 5 on hit. This means it sets up both frame traps and link combos. It is also a very easy hitconfirm, since linking off of it is almost always preferable to canceling. Since it’s quick and has both frame trap and combo potential, it’s a very powerful tool during footsies. With decent intuition or reaction speed, you can often catch opponents doing anything but blocking, get a hit, and enjoy your combo into an okime game! (I like to safe jump from there if possible.)

While’s it’s very nice for catching people who happen to be pressing a button or holding any direction but down-back, having them block it is not a negative consequence for Vega! You have an instant frame trap guessing game, even from a distance thanks to Vega’s c.MP and kara-throw. His overhead is also effective in that situation, and if it hits, gives you ANOTHER frame trap/throw guessing game! Oh boy! If you’re feeling particularly saucy, you can have a c.MK blocked… and then do another c.MK during your nice frame advantage! Should your frame trap be successful, you won’t miss out on any combo damage.

Clearly, it’s a move that gives nice benefits to Vega if it connects in any way! The fact that it’s even faster now is just nutty. This surely adds to Vega’s already excellent arsenal of useful footsie normals!

you do know that footsies are not dominant part of matches. This game is based on mix up situations where you can either

a) put him in that situation again and again and its low/mid risk but high reward
b) do lots of damage real quick with high low mix ups.

Which is why I say what i say, but ill leave it at that.

Speaking of which, is there any legitimate tool against Yun/Yang. The more patient they are the faster you lose, and the more you expose yourself trying to keep them out.

Cause he hasn’t got a dragon punch and isn’t button mash friendly.
Shoryuken landed on the jump? SHORYUKEN!
Knockdown? SHORYUKEN!
About to lose? EX SHORYUKEN! Mash ultra. Miss… Lose.

The twins are a tough match for him, but they can be dealt with. idk about “pro level” twins, but i know i’ve handled a few highly ranked twin users. it’s just an up hill climb and you have to bring your A game. those lil bastards don’t have that much life, and you can actually shave it off fairly quickly

you mean like this?