Why is this thread "Street Writer" now?

Just wondering, it seems like the stuff you want to add to this thread would be better fit to the Fan Fic Forum.

You must mean “forum.”

And that - I dunno. Mr Wizard made the decision.

I meant thread, but maybe I’m not a good writer, so maybe I don’t belong in this forum, haha.

English must be your second language.

As quoted from the “Comic Book Forum rules” thread.

Or not a language I know at all, cause I said thread again, didn’t I :frowning:

To Bowling Pin:
I understand the need of a place like this, but why does it fit into the Comic Book Forum instead of the Fan Fic Forum where creative writing is the key? No offense to anyone.

Oh Jesus, now we have to share space with those fan fic wackos.

You’ve fucked us, Pin.


Well, that’s something you have to ask Wiz. I wanted to revamp the fan fic board specifically, but I’m not going to complain.

I am a wako.:looney:

Magic Carpet, Flying Carpet, Water Carpet!

Hmmm, what can I say in an official capacity without stepping on any toes…

A. I have nothing to do with this decision.

B. No offense but LOLEROONY! People at SRK don’t write. Just look at the Fan Fiction Forum. What gets updated? Warrior’s Fate that doesn’t belong in that section, The Path, some stuff DMajorBoss has been blessing us with, some stuff I do and that’s about it. People come in with one shot fan fiction ideas, no one responds to anything they jot down so they bounce.

Again, no offense Bowling Pin as I have a tremendous amount of respect for you but I don’t know about this decision. Ohs well I just roll with the punches.

See the above post:

After gaging some of the response here, I’m going to have to talk to Wiz about this.

I wonder why he mixed this one up…=/

Yeah its my fault, ill fix it tonight, i didnt read the thread through.

If it gets change again be sure to move my thread. thx.

EDIT: The forum went back to its old name. =/

Alls well that ends well. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you are interested in the Street Writer Forum this is the place to go.


Best of luck Bowling Pin and I wish you the best.