Why is SRK frontpage ignoring Monster: AC?

They post anything, but not this.

Chip Zanuff v5, a member of the FGC, got the rights to Monster: Ancient Cline (an unreleased arcade game), and he is releasing it for free. It should be released in the next couple months because he is putting the finishing touches on development. He is currently streaming the game, but SRK doesn’t seem to care.

I know there is a Monster thread. I’m willing to take the infraction. SRK, take note of Monster: AC!

Are you surprised? They have that gamespot article about FGs needing more features in the very top thing and not Clockwork’s charity event in there.

They haven’t reported on the charity? If so, that’s messed up.

EDIT: They did report on it. I guess they just didn’t think it was important enough to be in the Banner.

Litany of Hate: The Frontpage Still Sucks.

Welp, there you have it.

Because its not supported by a community ‘name’.

To flog the horse, what’s important isn’t how good or cool or interesting your project is, it’s who you are.

While you guys are funny, I am not looking for mindless bashing. It was mostly a rhetorical question. The only thing I want is for the front page guys to post news. Even if someone didn’t send in a tip, this information has been sitting on the first page of FGD for a couple weeks. Are you telling me that the front page posters don’t even read the inside of SRK? If so, then we have other problems.

That is no excuse becuase d3v does. Its just that they don’t see the worth of posting it on front page. If this game is good, i hope it gets the Melty Blood community treatment. What game could ask for a better community? Those guys are great. Probably one of the best communities around.

Wow give them at least some slack before you start crying about it.
Making threads like this is not a good way to get what you want.

Please delete this, honestly, you dont need to make this type of thread. I appreciate this but it isnt needed. The game will have its day i hope