Why is Sean considered bad? And more

I have overall questions about why Sean is a bad character? I think he has good mix-up and can play good mind games and he’s quick. I’m a huge noob so I understand that I may be missing stuff all of you already know. Also personal opinions welcomed, I’m stuck on choosing either Ken or Ryu as my main, can anybody give me pros and cons over why I should use one over the other. I love Ryu’s overall look of a character but I think I may have trouble playing the parrying game and waiting for openings when playing as Ryu. I believe myself to be more of an offensive person seeing as how I hate playing turtle players. I’d also like to make Sean my alternate just because I think he can be used well if played with long enough (kind of wish he was in SF4 also).

Lastly, I didn’t feel like modding my own joystick for the 360 and I have no modding skills, so I went with the Hori EX 2 because it was cost effective and it’s the only one for 360. Any opinions on the stick or have I screwed myself? I’ve played the SF games for as long as I can remember but never really got into the scene and I hope it’s not too late especially since SF4 is coming out:woot: I’d like to get good enough to get into tourneys but I don’t know if there are any near NJ.

I know there are lots of NY and LI players, although I’m not too sure how far away that is for you. You should post in the regional forums.

As far as Sean’s tiering, its been discussed to death. There are lots of dudes in the Sean forum who think hes pretty good, and lots of dudes outside that forum who don’t.

And pick the character you enjoy playing. I’ve found telling people what character to pick lessens their chance of sticking with the game. You should know which one you enjoy playing more. I will say that every shoto is pretty capable of an aggressive or defensive style of play.

Thanks Pherai and sorry about the words exchanged beforehand in another post I was just pissed from losing so much but I’ve become better by having more patience. I think I’m gonna try and get good with Ken because I seem to do better with him than Ryu and make Sean my alternate. I’d still like to hear peoples opinions on the characters and how the stick plays though I don’t want to end the forum here lol. I’ve been eating up as much SF info as I can besides those crummy frame data things, I think they are almost useless.

sean is considered bad cause he has almost no combos and his special moves are ridcioulously slow and easily parried. thats my reason. Ryu has 1 hit knockdown while ken has multi hit but ken has a more versatile SA and most ppl use his SA3 but almost all his combo links into his SA3 while ryu has a couple different so its your pick but ken is a higher tier if that means anything to you

Np. I don’t hold grudges, especially in strategy forums. We’re all here for the love of the game :lovin:

This will only get more true as time goes on :sad:

I’m just going to make a pro list. Any pro for one character is a implicit con for the other.

More options into super
SAIII is better than any of Ryu’s supers in my opinion (considering damage, options to combo into it, length of the bar, the number of stocks you get, options afterward)
Ken’s srk is better
Ken’s j. mk is easier to use as a cross up attack
Ken away + mk gives players an easy overhead for comboing into SAIII
Strong fierce chain is good for pressure and confirming into lp srk or super
EX air hurricane is good
Back throw can be used to throw people long ranges (getting them into the corner)
His standing mk and hk are good pokes and sometimes good meaties

EX fireball and ground hurricane are good for pressure
If you play with SA I and focus on EX moves, you don’t have to worry about hit confirming
Kara throw trickery
If you get good with Denjin, people will think you’re awesome
Ryu’s ground hurricane is one hit knock down with decent stun, good for ending combos
EX joudan gives Ryu a great punish combo for little meter

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. I hope it helps.

He’s a really weak Makoto. That’s what people say any ways.

-No reliable bread and butter unless you count his MP, RH chain
(Cancelling into EX hurricane is technically safe on hit, but you land right next to them, so you’re setting yourself up for some 50-50 crap)
-No reliable reversal without EXing
-Many moves aren’t safe on block
-Many moves aren’t safe on hit
-Many moves are parry bait
-1 frame slower than other shotos on just about everything

If you play Sean, all you’re doing is playing a gimped shoto’, but I don’t think he’s as horrible as people make out. Still bottom tier, but if you can confirm c. MK consistently into SA1, he still plays a pretty mean footies game, plus, he’s got the shoto’ dash, and tackle/roll shenanigans work on occasion for baiting/escaping.

His dash has better range than other shotos. Infact I love it.

That also means more recovery.

Geez, another Sean thread…

Sean is considered ‘bad’ because everyone else is considered ‘better’.

sean sucks but he has pink gi


thread done