Why is it that Japanese players push so many buttons when they play?

Well probably like every body i saw those match vids posted on the home page and i was weirded out on how daigo was playing…he like pushed two buttons to preform a DP and i was like :confused: …is this some type of playing style that is used in japan…i read in kcxj’s sagat training manuel that you should double tap and i still dont know what that really means…could this be why the japanese players never mess up on there combos or moves?

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I read somewhere thats it just something that daigo does. He pushes more than one button for a special. (2 punches) So that he’s guarenteed that special to come out and that he won’t mess up.
There’s more to it, but I forgot the rest.

Simple. 2 button presses = 2 presses and 2 releases = 4 inputs. He floods the game with inputs, which means he’s a lot more likely to get reversal timing and such.

Just double tapping and RC’ing, I’m pretty sure. I’ve seen some players tap so many buttons it almost looks like they’re mashing.

i learned to do it myself, coz when youre in a hectic battle and lets say youre chunli, N-groove, and its down to the last seconds and everybody around you is yelling, you can miss or accidently mistap it, i always drum over the 3 buttons when i perform a super unless in c-groove ofcourse

However, I do not doubletap, I cant get it down =/ I guess I will have to see it (someone’s hands while playing)

and when im trying to reversals btw, i dont care what strength comes out unless its a dp i usually drum too, you can get really good reversals that way

Like said, it’s to get the reversal timing, since it’s only 2 frames.

I don’t get how pushing 2 buttons with a dp motion would cause you to not miss the motion, unless he’s tapping them at different times (like…not ppp, but lp, mp, hp in quick succession). Is this what you’re talking about?
Cause sometimes when I play at the crappy cabinet that’s over here I try to do lp dp’s and I get c. lp negative edge lp dp.

thats what we mean, lp,mp,hp in quick succesion

ok…so basicly double tapping is to ensure that you get your move…so in what type of situatio would you need to double tap…is it that chunli situation that i read above…because in kcxj’s strategy guide he says with sagat to push c.lk c.lk then the tiger knee but he says to double tap…is this also one of those double tapping thing

no-no, two types of doubletapping

one if it doesnt matter which strength you get out supers, except c-groove like we talked about here, you also have doubletapping to link stuff

like c.lp, c.lp, c.mp, are all 2 frame links I believe… to ensure you can get them you need to doubletap, i believe you do it with your middlefinger and then followed quickly by your indexfinger… I have a rough idea on how to do it, but I just cant get it to work =/

No, no… that’s a mistake. A lot of the info I put in the old thread is bad. I actually don’t ever recommend double-tapping a jab or short with any character. Sagat’s d.LK, d.LK is a very doable 2 frame link. Just press the buttons.

The ONLY time I double tap is when doing throws.

For a reversal, whether after hit stun, wake up, or blockstun, then I MIGHT piano the buttons like I would to do the first 3 inputs of blanka’s electricity. It’s only because there’s a slight chance that I press a single button and get…nothing… I’m not a reversal fiend myself, so I don’t bother.

The only aid to a combo is the negative edge, and you’ll only get that when you mess up or absolutely need it. No double taps at all. I don’t need em, don’t use em.

ok, so if i wanted a guaranteed DP i would do F, D, DF + lp THEN tap MP THEN tap HP really fast to get it out?

i also watched that vid on daigo doing double tapping, i kinda get the idea of it, but that vid on daigo dong the double tap really didnt help. is there any better vid about double tapping? kinda like that vid on teaching RC electric thing with blankas.

No, the only time double tapping for a dp is ever good is when you need a reversal. Even then, instead of doing medium punch~high punch, do high punch~high punch. Like if I’m Ryu and Sagat has just knocked me down. I know he wants to meaty d.HP me. Rather than just block and let Sagat have the frame advantage, I’ll go for a reversal LP shoryuken to blow through his meaty by doing dp motion + double tap LP.

If you’re in a neutral state and/or using a dp as an anti-air, never double tap a button. You run the risk of accidently kara-canceling a normal and the screwing yourself over by letting the other guy hit you with a deep AND counter hit jump in. Again, press the button regular.