Why is everyone being shot at evo?

Wut up with that? “Everyone gets f*ckin’ shot!” I dunno bout this. I didn’t know evo was some sort of cult gathering.


Am i gonna get shot?

Cable is gonna shoot the fuck out of everyone! :evil:

Some people don’t play marvel i see =P

get with the times old man

It’s like that? Aight. I’m bringing a gun and I’m owning up ne1 that tells me to get with the times. Get with this biatch! Ima show yall some ol skool!


Re: Re: Why is everyone being shot at evo?

damn…he’s bringing it hardcore this year. :evil:

Re: Re: Why is everyone being shot at evo?


I’m bringing some body armor, and a metal detector to scan people at the door to the room before casual play… ( :lol: )

Everybody get fucken shot, regardless now it’s double the trouble because that nikka Ruin is going… now you know it’s good game. If you didn’t know
Ruin = Cable

no way you can stop this broken and unstoppable character… you will get shot

I think Sanford is the reason everybody is getting f*ckin’ shot.


Go to 4:20 on the video. I think I heard someone say that it was Sanford talking.

It’s a very DEFENSIVE team…remember…

EDIT: BTW, look at my sig to see what team I’m entering in MvsC2. :smiley: My Hayato may get shot, but he’s cuttin’ someone before he dies. Long live character-variety (f*ck T4 Jin Kazama).

I want to know since were going to be on a campus are there going to be arcade cabinets.

Just a question.

All I got out of that video was Justin Wong saying “All my victims have been… ‘Justified.’ Teeheehee” :wtf:

He say everybody gets fuckin shot during the marvel match.

NIce sign piccolo

yep i’m gonna get the clappin

Ha ha:lol: get ta clappin damn clipse im witcha on that homie looks like the nigga from detroit bringing the big gun gotta fine my nine

no habla ingles?

There’s gonna be shooting at Evo? That’s brilliant! Now I can win every tournie by default! :evil:

“What happened to John and Ricky?”
“They got shot, so they couldn’t come to the match, just like all the others playing GF2.”