Why I Love The Visuals in SFV

In any fighting game, the visuals are key to giving the game a distinct style and tone. SFV has yet to be released, but we’ve all had plenty of time to see what the game is going for from an artistic standpoint, and from what I’ve seen, the visuals look amazing already. Street Fighter is known for a cartoon like style with over the top character designs, and while this varies between games, with the more subdued style of Third Strike as opposed to the more outlandish design of Super Turbo, the basic concept remains the same. SFV captures this perfectly, giving us the cartoon like designs, but not to a degree of excess. Each character looks and feels unique, all of them feeling like they earned a spot on the roster. This is complimented by the bright color pallet, which gives the characters and stages a large and vibrant feel. The expert use of color keeps the overall visuals interesting, setting an exciting, fresh tone. The pinnacle of this is the liquid effect seen in Critical Arts, V-Triggers, and certain EX moves. These effects are a brilliant idea, as they emphasize the style of each character through different patterns, and great choice of contrasting colors. The effect is used in creative ways, for example, a wild red pattern is used to display the large arms and figure of Zangief, whereas Nash receives a more streamlined, smooth pattern to show his speed and trickery. It was a great idea, and I appreciate the level of effort put into making it work. As for the moves themselves, they look great. Not only is the animation detailed and flowing, but it does it’s job to convey the power of each move. Ryu performing a Shoryuken is more entertaining than ever, and Dictator’s trademark Scissor Kicks convince me of the power he possesses. As for the Critical Arts, they’re a similar style to the Ultras of USF4, but they’re much more concise and less exhausting after repeatedly seeing them. When it comes to stages, they share all the other positive qualities of the game, but I personally don’t find them as interesting as the characters battling upon them. Overall, I think SFV is one of the better looking fighting games in existence, rivaled only by the beauty of the movie-based Street Fighter game. What are your thoughts on the visuals of SFV?

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Well let’s be honest, that’s by far the best looking SF game. Kappa


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Did this really need its own thread?

Considering some of the other threads we have on aesthetics, there is no reason this cannot exist.

Well, that’s the point. He could have stated his opinion in one of those threads instead of creating another one.

With all the bitching the FGC does in general I welcome a thread like this that shows appreciation 4 the work that has been done on SF5.

The game overall looks great, its very colorful and vibrant which I love. There r still areas it could be better but no game is perfect so kudos 2 capcom 4 what they have done.

not sure what to take of these thread. i love the visual of street fighter, very reformed and distinct. but the comments on this thread have been priceless.

Guys refrain from shitting on people’s threads or shit posting. That’s exactly what I got thrown in he pin for. ( Drags metal cup along the bars ) As for the Op’s question. Yeah I like the aesthetics and visuals of SFV. It’s like SF4 was Capcom experimenting with how they want to go about 3D models. And SFV is where they found their groove.

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I for one like he visuals and animations of Street Fighter 5, but compare the visuals to Street Fighter the Movie game I don’t agree with that.