Why Haggar?

Hello everyone. I want to make a thread to ask why do you like Haggar? Do you play him on point or merely as an assist? And also do you have any favorite Haggar players in the community?

i remember watching his MvC3 intro video and thinking, “what the fuck is this guy doing in a game featuring overpowered bitches like phoenix and magneto? i HAVE to play him.”

then his assist turned out to be godlike… but then again i rarely saw good point haggars in vanilla (that and he was really bad on point). my team was shit in vanilla anyway, couldn’t abuse him very much.

now his assist has been nerfed pretty hard but his point game is godlike if you can just get that one touch. plus there aren’t very many haggars out there, so that’s cool.

Cause he’s the damn mayor that’s why. Capcom has a lot of IPs they left out, and it’s a blessing the mayor wasn’t among them. Capcom needed a grappler on their side and Haggar fit the bill. Anyone who says grapplers don’t belong in the game can eat a piledriver.

Wannabe Final Fight fanboys asking for some jailbird prettyboy and/or a ninja with nikes; those are freakin Street Fighter characters. Cody and Guy didn’t have that attire in the original FF series. Only Mike freakin Haggar can bring the FF nostalgia to the game with his suspenders and the pipe.

Because he’s the mayor. In all the Final Fight games I always played Haggar. Always. I was not going to pick up the game until they announced him.

I’ve been playing him on point since.

What these guys said…but for me I wanted Zangief in vanilla but Haggar grew on me even tho I didn’t take vanilla seriously used arthur/haggar/doom but now in ultimate always wanted to learn Haggar so I switched out nemmy for him on my main Phoenix Wright team and I’m not looking back


He once piledrived a shark nuff said

In vanilla, when I found his assist was invincible I knew he was gonna be on the team. Then his assist got nerfed in ultimate. I thought, "well, on point his lariat is still fully invincible. I’ve been mashing ever since.

And he’s the fucking mayor of Earth.

i assume players who liked zangief in SF like haggar because they’re basically the same character lol

  1. Le pipe

  2. Hurts like a mother fucker

  3. I believe he is top 10, if not top 15. He is in the upper quartile of the characters in this game at least and I strongly believe that.

  4. Combo off of command grabs.

  5. Can piledrive Galactus.

  6. Le stache.

  7. Builds dumb ass meter.

In vanilla I picked him cause he was Haggar and I just stuck with him… I played him on point back then so his assist being slightly nerfed in Ultimate doesn’t bother me all that much.

I usually play grappler types in fighting games so I was instantly drawn to him and he’s the only fun character to play in FF. In vanilla I thought of him as a crappy grappler, since he couldn’t do anything after his command grab, now that he can do more damage off his command grab (with the help of assists and his OTG) he is way more fun to me.

He rewards patience (especially if your opponent is used to avoiding the pipe) by giving you big meterless damage if you have the right assists that pick up off the OTG.

  1. I cant think of anyone in the game nearly as manly as him
  2. he isn’t that commonly used
  3. I like wrestling playstyle
  4. he’s an ordinary man with a pipe against demons super heros and gods
  5. he’s a badass old man who kicks ass
  6. hes the mayor

I play Haggar because when I was a kid, one of the SNES games I played the most was Final Fight. Haggar was the primary character I used because he looked a lot like my ex-body builder, correctional officer father.

Sentimentality aside, another reason I play Haggar is because I like brute strength characters. Zeros who fly across the stage and Dantes whose combos never seem to end are cool and all, but when I play a game, I want a character who will just flat out hurt you without doing anything fancy. Similarly, in Street Fighter, I play Zangief (if only he was in this game, too!).

The surprising part is that Haggar has a mental game, too. I started playing him for the nostalgia and the strength, but I discovered his mix-ups with his Hoodlum Launchers and relatively easy resets with Hoodlum Launcher H.

Because of my fondness of Haggar, I always play him point. In my opinion, that’s where he shines the most considering his knack of TODing people.

And hands down, my favorite Haggar player is BUM. I love the team of heavy hitters, and I love the synergy his characters have with each other.


Cause Haggar is that nigga

Because he’s the MAYOR OF ERF.

And, y’know, he has a great assist and damage once you get in.

I wonder why he is even in this game.Stupid character from a crappy game.MVC4…leave him out.I admit pipe is GDLIKE though.