Why fighting games still suck

From Examiner.com:

Full article here: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-fighting-games-still-suck

Your criticisms focus around the idea that fighting games don’t evolve. Wanna know something funny? Halo 4 “evolved” according to 343. Evolved straight into a CoD clone.

I like my fighting games just the way they are - not catering to casuals.

Also, I don’t think you understand what skill means. So I’ll post the definition here for you:

Wouldn’t an 8 year-old winning a match in EVO show that skill does matter? His opponent RoyalFlush has been playing FG’s probably before Noah was born, he’s experience more in his life in the way of Fighting Game situations but Noah still came out on top due to skill.

Of course from reading what you wrote, you seem intent on not changing your mind. Tell us, what would make Fighting Games not suck in you eyes, what changes must be made?

Anything can suck if you don’t understand it. Clearly the case for the author.

This guy is arguing semantics.

For someone with a degree in criminal justice it’s unlawful that he’s this thickheaded.

This cat obviously has no clue what he is talking about. He lost all credit in the video game industry if he truly believes in those statements that spewed from his mouth.

Thing to note is that he has a degree in criminal justice yet works at The Examiner…

don’t give views to this troll please… he only wants hits.
Otherwise he could have quoted the complete text in spoiler tags.

We enjoy fighting games regardless of how butthurt you are about it.
If you want to manipulate the definition of skill to whatever you want to say, then it’s really not worth talking to you about our community.

You clearly don’t enjoy fighting games, so I definitely think you’re in the wrong site.


I really dig bad op ed articles on video games, especially when they are worse quality than Kotaku!

Obvious flame bait aside, those articles are terribly written.

No thanks on the hit fishing.