Why Dudley isn't top tier

please explain so i can refute.

I’m definately a scrub at 3s, but i can explain to an extent why i get beasted by the top tiers.

Ken’s low pokes are more then a handfull. Its hard for dudly to get close, and attack with his best combos when the cr. kicks are flying all over you. This is my main problem

Similar with chun and her cr. mk. But she outpokes dudley completely, making everything you do with dudley extremely risky and painful.

As for yun, he has the same basic edge as he does on everyone. Spam genie jin and do crazy juggle damage. Dudley can’t easily keep up.

I’m sure you’ll get more extensive explanations, but maybe this will tide you over. lol.

Meh, I think Dudley is kinda overrated. He’s clearly high tier, but I’d put him 6th, behind Yun, Chun, Ken, Makoto, and Yang. He’s great if he gets in on you and starts his very damaging mixups, and any random standing roundhouse can lead to 50% damage on some opponents, but he has real problems getting in against quite a few characters. Anyone who can play defense well or who has attacks that lend themselves well to ending his jumpins gives Dudley a run for his money. The games he plays are, on the whole, less damaging/intimidating/troublesome than the ones the characters ranked above him play. And unlike the top tier, Dudley doesn’t own anyone.

In my eyes (not saying my opinion is the right one) he’s basically Ken + juggles - minus footsies.

With out the footsies, he has a lot more trouble getting in to play his mix-up game, and thus making all his big combos pretty bunk against the characters who can keep him out… which is anyone with a decent low poke game game.

You don’t have to have good low pokes to keep Dudley out, you just have to have good pokes in general, and bonus if they’re pokes that eat up his air attacks.

-fat hitbox and low jump arc make it easier to hit him with a lot of things. gives him trouble against characters like chun and akuma
-no footsie game

Honestly I feel that’s about it. Take away those drawbacks and there’s no doubt in my mind he would be top tier. In fact he would be downright retarded if he didn’t have those disadvantages.

no he would be retarted if hed had down mk…his only low option to verify to super is one that is right in your face…he needs a little more range to get beastly, but at the same time one knockdown and a good dudley player will land a super b/c you get like 2 free mixups…he has so many safe chains up close…but he gets zoned easy by a good chun or ken. and yun and yang…theyr’e to fast…akuma is hard too…luckily one hit and he’s fucked :slight_smile: it’s so evil.

dudley is the best on wakeup easy. you don’t want to wake up against him… i mean if your gonna play anybody besided ken or chun you better be solid…maybe yun, but random yuns want make it far in a toruney b/c of stamina

dudley is top 5 in japan …

how to know if a person is a scrub in 3s ? when that person got stunned by dudley’s jet-upper BnB >________________________>;;;;

Dudley is too cool to be given a tier listing. He’s void tier.

Simple. he doesn’t have a good low poke into super.

On a side note, don’t you guys think that his forward fierce provides him with a decent footsie option?

Low Poke Super

Crouching forward(down+mp) > Super.

One of the best in the game…

yeah, like dude said, c.MP xx super = awesome. c.MP stuffs SOOOO much shit, it’s silly. also, dudley’s c.MP has a bit better range than shoto’s c.MP. uber-good.

yeah, twrds+HP is good, it’ll smack Ken in the head when he’s busy spamming low forward, but it has heavy-ish startup, so beware of overusing it, or you’ll be eating high parrys all day.

dudley really isnt that overrated. he can fuck up anyone, he has some hard matches for people who play to keep him out, but no one can defend against everything (unless you’re jwong).

he just has no quick low pokes. all of the other top tier does. makotos offense is easier to start. i definately would not rank yang above dudley though, slightly below is more accurate.

basically, dudley does alot of damage, but its harder to start doing damage with dudley than yun chun ken or makoto.

Yeah I really agree with this. I do feel he has some good low pokes though. They arn’t great because you can’t easily dash into them and they have no reach. But, they can however be combo’d off of directly, and not only do those combos do decent damage, they build meter like woa.

Pokes > Dudley

That’s it.

Yeah…playing a good bit of matches vs. other Dudleys with my Ibuki I realize that Dudley just has a hard time getting in on her. f+HK just basically destroys his ground game (hits him even over his crouching attacks) and c.MK just helps to zone his other shit out. She can run away from him and throw kunais and force him to jump when he doesn’t really need to. Dudley still has the advantage of having an extremely strong rush game and his damage potential and sick sick sick wake up game.

i actually think ibuki vs dudley is 6-4 in ibukis favor. (remeber this is assumed at the highest level) ibuki gives dudley problems. slide goes right under all his stuff he normally uses to keep people away from him, she anti airs him very well, he cant crouch her jabs, so he tends to get rushed down. and some other stuff.

Yeah…some of her crouching pokes (especially her df+MK slide) will go right under corckscrew blow’s invince. Yeah…I remember seeing that matchup being in her favor in one of the recent Japan matchup grids. Dudley can dish the damage but he has a hard time chasing Ibuki down and Ibuki can basically zone him out pretty well.

Low MP isnt really a low poke since it can be parried high and low.

but ya, Dudley’s main way to deal damage is to push opponents into the corner, keep knocking them down and play wake up games on them… but against top tiers like Chun and Ken its hard to get inside. Someone like Ibuki gives Dudley a headache since she can always Ex kick into the knives super, safest wake up move ever.

but if Ibuki has to burn all that meter, just to ensure 100% safety, then that should be a point in Dudley’s corner, no?