Why don't we have a general "Defense" thread?

Just wondering why we don’t have a thread like that… It’s seems as though we focus on offense, offense and more offense. We have all kinds of combo, strategy, randomshit… etc threads but not one solid defense oriented thread(or at least a sticky).

Somewhere people could come to and look at general anti-character things that alot of the more dedicated people in the fgc all ready know. i.e help against very generic cross-ups/crossunders, popular parlor tricks that get used often, etc…

I think it would be a great sticky, to have something like that. It would definitely help cut down on alot of the scrubby things people fall for or get it by, when they really shouldn’t have in the first place

So, if I’m getting this right, the kind of thread you’re talking about would say, for example,
that most air attacks for most chars in UMvC3 are overheads?

some basic shits
Stop pressing buttons when you’re beneath Doom.
Stop pressing buttons when you’re beneath Vergil.
Against assist+teleport teams try to stay in the air. You can’t block that shit on reaction, so just avoid it altogether.
Don’t ignore the P1/P2 marker at the bottom of the screen when someone’s superjumping, it can be pretty helpful at times.
If you’re in the air and blocking a beam super, don’t just mash pushblock. Your height or hitbox or something changes for a moment, causing you to leave blockstun for a moment and then you’ll get hit.

UMvC3: Where the Only Defence is Offence.

Why do people like you exist?.. You honestly have nothing else better to do?

I obviously am talking about things that are much more complicated than that and are relevant to getting better at blocking and dealing with mixups. Not everyone who gets on SRK is as smart and godlike as you are Sir. Beginners exist and their only way to get better defense as of now is to get raped on laggy online matches or get taught or told by more experienced/smarter players. Which is pretty much what my post was asking about.

I apologize if my previous post came off like that. I myself am a TOTAL scrub with the tourney placings to show for it, lol.

I have nothing but props to give for this sort of thread, I was merely clarifying what
this thread would’ve been for.

Again, sorry if I was somewhat vague.

There is no defense threadbecause it’s not flashy.

Boxing as an example.

On one side we see popularity of a knockout artist like Mike Tyson or Sergio Martinez’ brutal kayo of Paul Williams in the 2nd round of their rematch or the brutal wars Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward had. Straight crazy? Hagler vs Hearns round one

Compare defense-first fighters like like Floyd Mayweather (whose popularity is him playing villian) Juan Manuel Marquez early in his career (he’s now more offensive and takes risks) and for a fight example the boxing clinic of Winky Wright owning Tito Trinidad.

Let’s be honest. Marvel favors offense.

Closest thread to defense is the how to deal with derpy stuff thread.

Defense is on you. You can discover combos.

Or hidden missiles assist, or Viper with 2+ meters.

Or retarded sword normals.

I for one would love to have a defense thread. As a fellow scrub knowing how to improve what will keep me alive is always a plus. Especially those pesky spammers who sit in the back and throw projectiles all day.

We have no defense thread because that is very character-specific. Skrull has different options than Ryu, who has different options than Hsien-Ko, and so forth. As important as defense is, it is more of a situational/match-up problem than anything else. We do need a full match-up thread, though.

Anti-character stuff is usually already found in character subforums. They also get talked about in the tier/theory thread, if you bring it up and get people talking about it.

And blocking is, well, blocking. Dunno how you can go very in-depth with that. There is DJ’s anti-derp thread, though.

blocking too much will get you killed.
You can only block a mixup for so long against many characters.

My advice to you is
Fuck em up first :tup:

The fact that blocking puts you in a terrible position should tell you what I feel about defense in this game.

If you are in a position where you have to block, you fucked up somehow.

Get them to talk about it. Then we steer it towards Crimson Zerobrand.

Defense matters yes, Kusoru won due to “unseen team” but he also had good D.

I think what is important is knowing where to pushblock etc.

I’d rather have pushblock be able to either push someone away (physical) or help you close in (projectiles).

This game is more about overwhelming as opposed to outlasting opponents


just keep pushing buttons…

So, um how come Maximum Wesker crosses up sometimes? =O

In case you missed it, the quoted below** IS the defense thread**:

Learning how to pushblock is pretty important but I see too many people brainlessly pushblocking everything they block. You should have some idea of what normals/attacks are punishable by the opponent’s character if they are whiff, and pushblock at times that would make them commit to the punishable normal and make it whiff. This applies to punishing things with x factor guard cancel.