Why doesn't SSF4:AE not have an offline mode like Virtua Fighter 5?

Virtua Fighter 5 is an amazing game. It’s one of my favorite fighters for mainly one reason: the quest mode. The quest mode of VF5 is something that ALL fighters should have. Going through simulated arcades with a roster of over a thousand “people” is just too good. Having a win/loss record specific to that mode is pretty neat as well. I’ve always wanted this from Capcom and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been put into a current generation of Street Fighter.

I do appreciate the implementation of the shadow battle for MvC3 but I don’t like that I have to be online to use it.

So you may be wondering, “Why the focus on something offline?” My main reason: the online community for Street Fighter games is going to dwindle after a certain amount of time. It’s always like that. I was HEAVILY involved in the last generation of Street Fighter on the original xbox and over time the numbers just kept dropping to the point that only about 15 to 20 people were on for an ENTIRE MONTH. I want something (something made really well, not just something on eight stars that’s WAY TOO EASY) were I can still enjoy playing competitively long after the online portion of the game has dwindle.

Virtua Fighter 5 is still a game that I’m able to enjoy despite the online community being non-existent. Capcom, please give us someting we can enjoy long after the online support is gone.

Street fighter versus the computer is always going to be a joke. Find people to play offline.

Well when the online dies for AE, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that another Capcom fighter is being played plenty online.
We have GGPO for all the old classics as well. If a better ‘modern’ fighter than AE comes out, you bet that will have more players online

If the game is strong enough to last, it will have a good offline scene. The online for current fighters is for laughs and giggles, honestly.
I don’t understand how you can be ‘competitive’ playing an AI that reads your inputs, 100% of the time and doesn’t maximise punishes and/or combo potential, ever.

Otherwise, I’d be content just playing arcade mode like I did when CE was out on SNES.

Capcom are lazy, proof: no trials, no cutscene for the 4 AE char. Their games sell well, they don’t have to do that stuff to promote their license.
Yes, it’s a shame, I love vf5 (and the Final Showdown will come on console as DLC YAHOU!).

In response to the first post: I’ve played games offline but that can only go so far when the majority of the people you play with live about two an half hours away. What do you do with those weeks or sometimes months in betweens gatherings? Also, when support for your game dies, it’s basically over (I used to love playing CvS2). Again, I want a mode where the computer would punish careless mistakes or where they would excute difficult combos. I think it would be an interesting mode.

Also, I still can’t seem to get GGPO to work despite opening ports on my router. I can watch matches but it just won’t work for me. Superarcade does work pretty well.