Why does this Guile combo work?

-corner, jump in HP, close s.HP xx sonic boom, far s.HP or (d.MK, super)

Far s.HP comes out in 6 frames. d.MK comes out in 7 frames. The book says, Sonic Boom only gives +5 on the hit. wtf? I’m bamboozled…

Is sonic boom still +/-0 on the block too? All I know is it must give way more than +5 at times.

Your missing the jab sonic boom at the beginning from about 2/3 screen.

The timing on:
-jump in HP, close s.HP xx sonic boom, far s.HP
is actually pretty easy. It’s the c. mk linked into super that’s hard.

The SB travel time is what gives you time to put a far standing fierce after one. Like a meaty attack, it doesn’t hit on its first hitting frame. Do the sonic boom full screen and with jab, you can walk forward at least 1/2 screen and combo a s. rh in there, or s. hp. Do a sonic boom point blank and you’ll need a miracle to combo after that, even a c. mp would be damn hard.

No man, he’s asking why it DOES work. because looking at the +5 on the sonic boom, you can only only hit with moves that are faster than their recovery, but yet he can connect with moves that come out in 6 and 7 frames. Which make no sense. Unless the sonic boom doesn’t actually give +5 or (GASP) reeling frames are brought over to the next move (lol).

Did you even try reading what I wrote?

Do a sonic boom point blank = +5 frames.
s. fierce xx sonic boom = more than 5 frames, because the sonic boom takes a few frames to travel from you to the opponent. The bigger the gap, the bigger the frame advantage.
Sonic boom has a shitload of hit frames, from the time it leaves your hands to the time it’s off screen. Gap = more hitting frames.

Sometimes I really feel like posting is useless since I know I’ll have to repeat myself.

Actually yes I did read what you wrote, a few times actually since I wanted to know myself why the combo works…

Your First Sentence and your last paragraph seriously threw me off.

now your second post is much clearer, because that was what I had in mind after some thought.

Peace man.


Was that Al getting mad?? :eek: …Thats what strategy will do to you.

we’ve all gone through this a billion times.

What’s that transformation in DBZ called when a saijin with tail sees the moon? That’s the feeling I get when I see questions being posted AFTER its answer.

Sorry to have lost it there, I apologize.

It’s like… dude! Athena’s psycho ball gives like -10000 frames! How come I can do a jab psycho ball, then the other guy’s dashing backwards, and then I can superjump a few times and then hit him BEFORE the psycho ball hits?! My move has NEGATIVE beginning frames!


Just kidding around.

For real, I think we’ve all seen guile run through his sonic boom in some videos.