Why does no one use

use extra mode in kof 97? they use it alot in 98 whats the difference of any? or is it just better since 97 is more rushdown to get in close with running

I’m not that good in KOF but I think with EXTRA mode you can do combos that with Advanced you could not normally do (At least for KOF98UM)

Extra mode
Quick MAX - Press A, B, and C simultaneously during a normal or special move. This puts your character into MAX mode during an attack while simultaneously lessening the recovery of your attack. Quick MAX could be done during the air as well and make your character drop more quickly to the ground upon activation. This feature helps extend combos that normally wouldn’t work and creates combos from opportunities such as instant overheads that wouldn’t normally lead into combos.

If you’re interested check Extra mode and Advanced mode on:

For KOF97 and KOF98 I would say besides dashing, In Extra Mode when you’re in red, you should be able to do DM without fulling the gauge bar. If you have full bar SDM are done.

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Cause extra mode system kof 97 is bad unfortunately…no hop jump, cannot attack after and during dash. In kof 98 there’re some viable characters in extra mode (Kyo, Brian, Mai, Athena, Chang for example). In 97 not one is…
@soliddlanzerg that’s what’s nice on kof 98 um : Advanced, Extra and Ultimate are viable at high levels plays. You can really use your own playstyle.