Why does EX tatsu in the corner sometimes throw them across the screen?

I like to go for the EX tatsu when I get a stun or crumple in the corner into the a HP shoryuken, but sometimes they just get launched to the other side of the screen. Does anyone know the cause of this?

Was playing around with ex-tatsu in practice mode a few months ago and figured out if you combo it off of a standing fierce it will go in a different direction than a crouching fierce (I’m assuming other standing/crouched attacks may affect the direction also). I’ll verify this once I hook up my xbox.

Assuming he’s in the corner already:
cs.fp (point blank range) to ex tatsu = stays in the corner
c.fp (point blank range) to ex tastu = thrown out of the corner
cs.fp (a step or two back) to ex tatsu = thrown out of the corner
c.fp (a step or two back) to ex tastu = stays in the corner


Does decent stun and damage but like Bokkin said, too hard to pull off consistently (especially from a jumpin) with all the variables in place, only really guaranteed off of a stun and that negates it’s only real benefit over a j.fp - fp BnB.

^spacing…hit recoil…hit boxes…character hit box size…hit stun…any combination of those are the reasons…save your bar and do a BnB…that 1 bar can help later it really doesn’t do that much more dmg after a crumple considering the crumple alone already counts for 2 hits…

I’ts not to bad. It’s often character specific but the general rule is

Standing HP = Forwards
Crouch HP = Back
Crouch MK = Back
Crouch MP = Forwards


If you cross up in corner (J.MK) then:

Cr.MP = Back (as in back to the corner)
Cr.MK = Forwards
Crouch HP = Forwards
Cl.HP = Back

Exceptions are Blanka Guile & a few others, but i’m not 100% on effective variations against these. (Haven’t tested) Majority of characters after a crumple (Except blanka & possible one or two more) Cl. HP will knock them towards, & it’s surprising how far away you can be & still hit that HP SRK.

I get the best results with close s.mk into ex-tatsu (too bad i fuck it up a lot and get cr.mk instead). I never seen them fly to the other side when i land close s.mk. I used it after focus crumple or after a jump in. Of course it does less damage than hp but i find it much more reliable.

Yeah, this is really too character specific. Larger characters just get launched in the most random directions regardless of what Normal you used to set it up with. But with regular sized characters like Shotos I usually use the Jump in Fierce to Standing Close Fierce into EX-Tatsu. If I have meter to burn and it’s the last round of the match, I’ll go for something crazy after that EX-Tatsu in the corner like a Strong SRK, FADC Shaku, and then EX-Tatsu again. Just to finish them off in style. Akuma Style that is.