Why do you love London?

i just thought i will make a list of thing why i love London. it will rock if you also add something to the list. do you love london?

  1. London has girls from all over the world. in every club, shop bar you can find any type of girl.

  2. Sky + just rocks!!!

  3. we have tons of parks - and lots of girls playing sports in them.

  4. we have double decker busses.

  5. we have people with the best personalities.

  6. the best place to eat - Indian, Chinese, Italian. you name it, we have them all on every street.

  7. our girls are always on!!!

because you give the best reviews.

Yeah, typical hoodies have great personalities… :rolleyes:


For serious though. Leeds for promotion.

edit: moved to world disc.

;/ To most people I know that describes that time of the month, not good…

For a second there I was hoping you were talking about London Ontario but I was wrong. :frowning:

for every one reason you give positive i can think of at least 5 negatives
london is shit mate, open your eyes

  1. The money is great

  2. Cheap, frequent flights to anywhere in the world

  3. More of a whole of the UK thing, but the still pisses on anything else, especially the $US. When I go travelling I know wherever I go everything will be cheaper than London!

  4. You constantly meet people from all corners of the globe. I know very few people actually born in London!

I’ve been living in London for almost 6 years now, originally from Sydney Australia. It’s just the weather that’s not so good :frowning:

London is brass and prices on everything are hugely inflated.

I don’t need a car to get around.

lol I had to switch to TEKKEN 6 and play as Bob (based on the IRL fighting legend CHUNKIS) on Friday night as those battymanz are too scared to fight me on ‘their gamez’ (turd shite, ST classic, some other crap… lol).

Actually, one of the worst things about London is that there are too many twats. So many people with an attitude and trying to start on everyone.

Bit of a contradiction, that! The pay is ok, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s far outweighed by the ridiculous prices of everything. It’s just a massive con everywhere you go. That’s a major disadvantage if you ask me.

I’ll agree that just about everywhere else is cheaper, anyway. I overestimate all foreign prices, so I always come back from holidays with most of my spending money left in my wallet…