Why do you all play on Xbox?

I can’t understand it. I’ve always thought that PS3 was better, but now I realize that all the pros play on Xbox.

Because I have the money honey.

Online works better for me on the 360. Also, I forgot my PSN log-in information.

The pros will play on whatever console that gets the newest Shaq-Fu first. Can’t miss on dat esports money…

I play on exbox because of all the awesome fees and stuff. Only a chump company like Sony would release free-to-play games like Tekken Revolution.
If it’s too good to be true, they probably want that D.

Better online
Most multiplats are better on xbox
Exclusives im interested in(even though sonys new exclusive are looking good but its too late now im not going to get a ps3 when next gen is around the corner)
More features for entertainment

I bought an Xbox because of Halo and the promise Sega would bring all their franchises to it like Panzer Dragoon.
I bought Xbox 360 because of Halo 3 and I was starting to get into online competitive gaming, PS3 didn’t have either of those.
I won’t be buying either nextgen console, I’m planning to go back to uni and very happy with my xbox 360. It’s not like MS will end all support for xbox 360 within a year, right??

I don’t play a lot of diverse games, but I play a few ones all the damn time. One of those is Halo. Until Halo goes onto another platform and has a fairly large amount of people playing on it, I’m not going to consider dropping Xbox.

I have no qualms with PS3. If I had the desire to play more games and they are exclusively on PS3, I’d buy one. But as it stands, Xbox has the games I want to play and Sony doesn’t. That’s all.

I play on the PC…im not a pro. I do like the 360 controller more than the DS3. I dont use either of my consoles all that much. Well, I use them to watch videos a lot.

It looks like thats what all my friends do to. Every time I look at a friends list everyone is using some video service, not playing games.

To whoever the mod is who transferred this bullshit to GD; Fuck you.