Why do UMvC3 players do this?

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s online mode, I run into a lot of people doing certain shit with certain characters that miss me the fuck off, scrubby things. I feel like I must address this since not only do I not see any threads or YouTube videos about it, but when it happens, half the time I lose because of it.
[]Pick/switch out Ghostrider and constantly spam his jumping S over, and over again. It is almost impossible to get in on a person doing, and it is extremely annoying, as I often lose entire matches because of this.
]Pick a team consisting of Hulk, Nemesis, Sentinel or Wesker and expect to win, using standard BS tactics.
[]Pick/switch out Hawkeye, and spam his triple shot (quarter circle forward) from the other side of the screen.
]Pick/switch out Sentinel and spam his yellow “neutralize” beam in the corner when the oppenent or you have low health.
[]Pick/switch out Ryu/Akuma, and spam his Shinkuu Hadoken hyper whenever the oppenent gets a hyper combo bar. Or, use their basic combos and or spam their (quarter circle back) spinning kicks to cancel into their Shinkuu Hadoken/Tamma-Gozanku Agyo.
]Pick/switch to Chris and spam his full screen gun from the other side of the screen or in the air similar to Ghostrider spamming jumping S. (see bullet #1), and or crouch with Chris and spam his (H) gun since it is full screen.
[]Spamming Super Skrull’s tenderizer and canceling it into any of his other fire related hypers. (This happened to me mostly in vanilla, I rarely see it now)
]Picking/switching out to Dormammu and spamming his full screen special’s and using his “Chaotic Flame” whenever you get a hyper combo bar.
[]Picking/switch to Dante and spam his air S in hopes for follow up via his diagonal H, followed by his forward S.
]Picking/switch to Dr. Doom and his plasma beam from the other side of the screen.
[]Picking/switch to Magneto and spamming his “Disrupter” from the other side of the screen.
On the other hand, Phoenix/Dark Phoenix is whole another issue/character I dislike. However if you are having trouble, here is how to combat the rising of Dark Phoenix.
]Snapback Phoenix out and chip her using any hyper, if the opponent is stupid enough they won’t or don’t know how to switch out while being hit/blocking with a hyper.
[]Do a team aerial combo, and hold down (I think) for the green witch takes **away **hyper combo bars which Phoenix needs in order to become Dark Phoenix.
]Also, beware of team aerial combos being done you as the opponent can build up hyper combo bars which can help Phoenix become Dark Phoenix.
Has this happened to ANY other person online? Am I the only one? I can’t be. Well, anyway if this happened to you, comment and share with me/us, as I, and I am pretty sure a lot of people can relate, and if I am leaving anything out or if you know anything I don’t, comment for that as well.


This thread became lol worthy once you bolded Ghost Rider.

Tenderizer is Skrull’s best move.


Studies have shown that 50% of the time, it works everytime.

Lol what do you mean?

You should take this to that Off Topic thread imo. You will feel right at home with this one.

Welcome to marvel 3 bud.

so Doom should teleport
**Hawkeye **should rush down

Dumb thread is dumb.:tdown:



you really should stop making dumb threads

So essentially, “Why to online UMvC3 players spam?”

Do you really need to ask?

I would think that spamming Meteor Smash would be the more likely scrubby Skrull complaint.

This thread is weak.

They do it because it works.

Low health boobie: “SENTNEL YOU BASTARD!!!111

Sentinel: “…NEUTRALISE…”

thanks for the phoenix tips bro put 'em on a post-it next to my tv and when i’m having trouble i just read that post-it

So you’re basically asking us, “why are bad players bad”?

I’m still trying to get my mind around the idea of playing Marvel 3 online WILLINGLY

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