Why do people hate Justin Wong

I have no problem with him, but I went to a local tourny and people were shitting all over him.

He’s good at video games

They’re jealous. He is good. He is not cocky. He knows what he can do. Everybody is just mad that for 4 years of their lives, Justin Wong beat everybody in Marvel.

Well I just got into the fighting game community about a year ago so thats news to me o.o.

Never got the jwong hate heck I cantt even hate on noel brown either

Cyclops comebacks have a habit of getting people really salty.

I’m pretty new to fighting games too but you really need to watch some of those old Marvel 2 videos, they are intense.

Could you give me a link?

Justin Wong is the best at what he does, which is why the hate rolls in.

There’s a saying that if you don’t have haters, youé not doin’ it right.

Cause people are salty as fuck because they suck.

big_gotten is still better than little_gotten:sleep:


This is a pretty good set to watch. Don’t recall if it had any Cyclops comebacks but it’s one of those things I watch and makes me want to put away the Marvel 3 disk.

Wait lol Wong actually loses this set oh well it’s still great to watch

Seems correct.

If you can’t beat em, hate on em.

Damn… that is intense.

Isn’t this like the 3rd time you’ve made a thread asking why someone hates so and so, blahblah, etc.?
I hate you nigga

Yes, yes it is.

itt a bunch of new users speculate why people hate justin wong and reference newer vids of justin wong and missing the point entirely.

protip: to find out why people hate justin wong, WATCH HIS OLD FOOTAGE e.g. daigo vs. justin wong full parry comeback FULL MATCH SET.

SEE HOW LAME HE USED TO PLAY. he did that in EVERY GAME in the day.

that hate just piggybacked into this current era. he doesnt seem to play like that anymore.

Troll post?

Anyway… People shit talked him a lot because he had a very pretentious attitude around 08 or so. I think it was the Gamestop Vanilla SF4 final with him and Daigo and he beat Daigo one round and ran around cheering and acting like he’s hard up in Daigo’s face. He’s mellowed out a lot since then. I think it has a lot to do with him losing to Gamerbee, I like to think that humbled him.

he was probably referring to this

people dont hate jwong. they hate how he play…ALL games.