Why do peeps use SA1 if they keep using EX moves

I am not a Makoto user but I am intrigued as to why peeps pick SA1 then use EX moves.

How will you charge her SA1 then and also SA2 carries more useage for EX.

Can someone tell the reason behind this, thanks

Well regardless of which super I pick, EX moves are an essential part of makoto’s arsenal of moves, so it’s really hard to avoid using them. SA I is also good to have on wake-up, and to keep your opponents distanced, just simply by having it charged, so even if you never use it in the round, sometimes it’s still worth having.

her EX moves are good, her super is good.

use both.

I am not saying her super isnt good BUT I hardly ever see them players use her SA1 as they use EX moves instead

That’s the whole point. The super is good but Makoto EX moves are fucking awesome. SA1 is used mainly against characters with lower defense and just mainly as a super that has more options for verifying (and is a better super for punishing shit in general). SA2 is mainly just for the damage potential and luck factor associated with it. SA1 can be set up from anywhere on the screen while SA2 is real situation specific.

The EX moves are generally used for damage and then the super is more so a scare factor than anything else. The same way some good Denjin Ryu players use EX’s and sparingly use the super. They just simply hold on to the bar for scare factor to set up for EX combos. The super is good but making the person fear the super will a lot of the time allow you to open them up for more damage that will allow you to save wasting your super bar. Psychological shit man. Gotta use the brain.

yeah I see what you mean, as I use Ryu and I guess I play safe by using SA1 foR EX and the super.

However I see what you mean, same with Ryu’s SA2 and SA3

Plus, if you were going to start off using Makoto, SAI is probably the least intimidating choice, considering all the other stuff you would have to learn…

Well the command grab reduces the damage of the super if your commit to SAI. So lets say your opponent has full life, no stun anytime soon. Performing the super would do probably about 35% damage altogether for one big bar. WHile if u grab and do the regular fierce ex hayate combo, u have more potential damage because u do about 15-20% damage, but more importantly u do about 40% more stun. So a mixup or two would get the opponents stun, and assuming your opponent is still alive, you should have least 30% of your meter. The only time you would see the super use if its for maximum damage, or the opponent nearing death. (Don’t take percentages seriously, just example for illustration)

SAI is more of a defensive super imo. Normally i would use SAII, cause EX’s move help start an offense, and helps keep an attack going. SAI just does more random damage, more towards very offensive/jumpy characters against makoto (yun, yang, oro, etc.).

Another thing is: Just look at any good makoto player. They’ll use their EX’s full meter or not. Besides J, Izu, Chemuru?, arlieth, ken i, there hasn’t been any other exceptionally good makoto’s i’ve seen (video-wise). Other japanese makoto’s (random no-names) playing SAI seem to conserve their meter, and u can clearly see why its not effective.

Just my long two cents

Thats what I thought cause if I used Makoto, I would pick SA2 so I could use her SA2 and if I am in other half side of the screen, then fierce punch into EX hayate.

plus if peeps do fireballs or whatever, I can always maximum spider across the screen

some people will just ex if there behind on life because they could probably build the meter back up with the quickness. In that case the ex paid off. If you get rushed down and you had a chance to counter with a super your fucked since you busted that ex. Its a risk sometimes and you should look at the situation.

after the super people just use ex’s since they stuck the super. There should be no real need to build the meter for anohter super after that. For some reason if you get your ass kicke backed you might want to hold the super for a def kill. Also some people will hold onto their super just for threat of intimidation. On the flip side, people will build a meter up and just bust an ex out to get rid of the meter. This is just to cause false hope since you can parry combo super, or just parr super back I think and gain almost a meter back. You can do like an ex if you had a full meter and do a few c.mk’s so that when or if you catch a parry you can combo back super. I’m not quite sure how many c.mk’s you would need but all you need is enough meter so that if you parry combo or big combo youll have a full meter to do a super. ITs just to give a false impression that you dont have a super but you can catch a meter off a parry combo. You want the opp to attack in hopes of seeing a parry and catching the opp on counter. Very tricky if you know how the meter builds.

lets say your in a tourney and you won a match out of 2-3 match up and the current match is 1v1 in rounds. Your 1-0 right now and if you win this next round, youll advance. You get lucky and the opp loses a quick 50% of life and you still have around 80-90% left. Which will happen occasionally since makoto can deal damage like that. You also have a meter on you. The opp backs off because of it and wont get next to you. Big problem for makoto I think. Some people would burn some or up to half of their meter here just to make the opp think he can jump in or etc. Since your already up a game, the opp must win this game or hes done. The added factor of no meter probably helps his decision. A good player will play patiently here but still be on the offensive. This is the part where you can counter and maybe get free damage or control the opp a little since hes not looking for your super but a way to get your life down. Just play safe and try to get as many safe hits as possible. You dont want to give up the life advantage. Also buring the meter mid round would look suspicious so try to hide it a little. do a grab ex hayate to put them at half life or lower or s.lk ex hayate the kara version on block.

I’ve won more than I lost with this mid round strat so I consider it a good one. You shouldnt try it everytime. Sometimes its good to have the opp on you in hopes of some decent trades. Life is the biggest factor for this trick so keep it in consederation.

its an old trick but still effective and if you dont know it, youll lose rounds to people who do know it. I dont know how many rounds ive stolen with that trick. Not exactly with makoto but the idea works with anyone. Ill play shinsho ryu the same way and I catch the shinsho more often now and on parry. BIG FUCKING DAMAGE.

If i end up using a lot of meter doing EX hayate, it’s usually because there’s a factor in the match that calls for me to do so. You need to go into the match with a gameplan, and if it doesn’t work the way you want…you need to adapt.

but that’s just me, so i might not be saying much.

Eh, it’s because Makoto has very good EX moves, and often I find SA1 easier to land on opponents than SA2. (Or rather, there are more situations that are easier to create for me to land SA1 than 2.)