Why do i keep losing to noobs?

Alright so ive been playing ssf4 since last december i avereage 2600 pp cant keep a main character but play dudley and fei long 7000 bp with both but i can beat players with 3000 pp but lose to someone with 1000 pp just because hes really random or just mashing it really gets frustrating especially for a guy like m who only plays online but still wants to be really good at this game so can someone give me any tips, strategies etc ?

don’t fall for stupid shit.

First…own up to the fact that those “noobs” beat you.
Regardless of “PP” or “BP”…they shamed you.

Then as Mr. Hayden Powers said…stop falling for stupid shit.
Learn from your losses…and take that to the next time.

Couple of things to point out with your post :

Points don’t matter online. You shouldn’t be using points to determine how good your opponent is or how good you are cuz it’ll affect your game.

If you know they’re gonna mash, then bait them. Also, there’s usually a method to their madness. figure out their pattern and capitalize on it. That’s how you read the opponent.

This is not possible. You’re not going to get better at the game if you’re strictly playing in an online environment. Better to use online as a character and matchup reference and play offline instead. You won’t miss links due to lag and you won’t have to deal with lag tactics.

Also, what Stu said.

I may not be on that level on the online circuit considering I hardly do network battles in favor of playing at the arcade, though I’m sure I could help. I’m sure you’ll hear the same things to a different degree so excuse the monotony.

A thing I’ve learned is never judge by the PP/BP. It’s not a good indicator of skill whatsoever. For instance, starting with vanilla after a year of it’s release where I summoned the courage to play online…matches where I saw impressive rankings always made me cautious and hesitant (which may have hindered my skills in return or may not) but playing I found I had nothing to worry about. I’ve beaten B+ char’s with a D+ Ken, but lost to someone with nothing, not even icon or a title to which you’d generally indicate as a newcomer. The opponent may have high stats but it doesn’t mean anything. He could be an awful player getting lucky, spamming, etc. to get his score which it’ll show in his performance although it’s not ruled out that he may be that skills, so it’s vital to give it your all regardless.

Much like what Stuart Hayden said above, don’t rush. Never rush a match, take time to perfect your opening strategy (never move backward from the get-go!) and feel your opponent out for his tactics. Sometimes less is more and coming out with flashy combos won’t mean anything in the end, so you don’t need to put all your cards on the table so-to-speak unless it’s a grand opportunity to punish said opponent for high damage output.

Focus on what you lack. I found something pretty cool on the Sakura sub-forums (being a Sak player), in which someone listed a series of combos/links and offered a challenge to everyone to try them out in Training up to 40 times and report honestly their successful attempts. It gives you a clean-cut and detailed report of what you need to work on and can take it from there. Most of that makes up what you’d administer for the middle of the match, the main damage-dealing portion of the match.

saw your post about 'I’m not a scrub but i get beat by scrubs, i can hang with good players but can suck against people who don’t play with advanced tactics!!!"

I read something, i think it was in maj’s footsies handbook, or a dom 101 article, about the dance between randomness and predictability. As we play more and more advanced players, we see play styles develop, and let that be the framework for our plan of attack.

But when we play a novice player, they refuse to play within that framework, simply because they don’t know that framework exists. They mostly just find one or two effective attacks and milk those for all they are worth. You can’t bait a player who doesn’t know what they “should be doing”.

While the novice has the advantage of unpredictability, you need to rely on your greater knowledge of the game to win. Simplified: lame em out. Use some moves you bet they don’t know how to deal with, or effectively bait and punish, then sit on the life lead. 99% of the time, without an effective offense plan, you can keep em out and incrementally take em down.

Cuz you a noob too.

I’m giving out advice tonight like a mothafucka.

^ This.

What makes you think they’re noobs, anyway? If you keep losing to these so-called “noobs” over and over again, then what does that make you? Clearly, they have more experience than you and you need to get over your little ego and face the fact that you’re not as good as you think you are.

This is it exactly. You know their options, and you know that they’re random enough to use any of them at any time, so just make sure you keep yourself safe the entire match and they’ll kill themselves. And…whatever you do, don’t try to meaty them after you’ve punished their wakeup dp 3 times in a row.

That’s when they’ll ultra.

Honestly? Because your fundamentals aren’t there. If they jump, you aa. If they attack on the ground, block and counter. If they really are noobs, that will get you through.

If that doesn’t work, they aren’t noobs, they just have a random playstyle.

I stopped playing ranked online matches when I reached 666 PP. I’d like to keep that number

The only reason you would lose to “noobs” is you’re getting too caught up in the noobs trolling. Stay calm, keep track of your opponents moves, and just play smart. Noobs win when you’re caught in their pace.

Definitely what ‘pvtreflex’ said. Despite the timer, there’s no need to rush. It’s about damage output then. If the clock is nearing the end, chip damage and safe play is your best friend to gain you the leverage and that’s the worst case scenario. Outside of that, YOU have to moderate the pace and control the match or else you’ll end up in the opponents grasp and get hit all around the stage. Find your own play style with your character and stick to it BUT be able to adapt to new opponents.

Yup. Best answer.

if you haven’t figured this out yet by YOURSELF, then i don’t know about you. I already had my doubts when all i was reading “Well he has this PP and i have this PP…” etc. etc.

two reposts in 1 thread, thanks guys you make me feel smart!