Why do I get dizzy?

Whenever I play first person shooters or any game with quick camera movement I get dizzy quickly, does anyone know why?


Because you keep getting comboed. learn2block.

As SRK’s resident doctor; I can safely say it is because of inner ear infection. The only way to treat it is by fighting fire with fire…Just keep playing until you are no longer dizzy. Buy a good set of headphones and increase the volume to 70db while playing. If the dizziness persists, stand up, and spin in the opposite direction for 44 seconds, if the dizziness is directional, or do 25 neck cranks (head banging) if the dizziness is non- directional. This will shake out the dizziness Whatever you do, DON’T STOP PLAYING, as that will simply reset your motion sickness and you’ll have to start over again. You also need to evaluate your diet, consider eating a high carb, high sugar meal before playing so your eyes have the energy to keep up with the screen.

Are you Asian? Happens to me too.

Thanks, seems there’s is no cure for it, just have to stop playing.

puny human

try playing 3ds in 3d for more then 5mins if you want to experience true pain

I know a few people like this. Try changing the distance from the TV/monitor.

I have a buddy who will physically turn, whenever he turns while playing Halo

Thats strange considering Halo is 30fps, I would have thought the eye was more than capable of handling that without making you queasy.
My friend can’t play MW for more than half hour otherwise he gets migraines.