Why do Flame kick, FADC, chicken wing, Utra 1?

I recently started playing as Fei Long (I’m on team Chicken Wing now, yay!) and been watching a lot of Mago, Starnab, Fuudo and Inthul (my favorite) videos. One combo I see everyone does is Flame Kick, FADC, Chicken wing, Ultra 1. I practice that in training mode and the damage output is 304, which is pretty good. But the combo Flame Kick, FADC, Ultra 1 is not only easier to do, it does more damage at 348. My question is, why bother doing the combo with the Chicken Wing at all if it does less damage and it’s harder to do? Why wouldn’t you just do Flame kick, FADC, Ultra 1 all the time since it’s more damaging?

Flame kick->FADC->Chicken wing->Ultra 1=304
Flame kick->FADC->Ultra 1=348 (more damage and easier to do)

So why do players prefer doing the more difficult less damaging combo more?

At the cost of 44 damage, you build a little meter back and get some stun on top of it. Granted getting the stun just as you U1 isn’t good but you should be able to tell when someone’s close to stun anyway.

I’m not a Fei player so if I’m wrong someone tell me. ^^

Some characters only hit for 2 hits on Ultra, it’s timing slightly varies with drop animations so it’s possible to whiff.

Most of the time the Ultra is just tagged on the end of a CW as an afterthought because we don’t use Ultra that often and it’s better getting little damage than no damage.

Also old habits die hard, most Fei players always used the CW because it did more damage in other versions. Personally I use a combination of both but there is no right or wrong answer.

As a side note if we are playing a Fei mirror and you take your 40 damage extra with your FADC and I just use the CW juggle, I’m left with full ultra for a crumple or whiff and you have nothing. :wink:

Hopefully they might buff the juggle damage or property’s in V2013 if we get nerfed.

hmm…personally I don’t think any of these are very good reasons to pass up on the damage in favor of a more stylish combo…except your first point about some characters only getting hit 2 times with the Ultra. When I get some time tonight I’m gonna set up a dummy doing the combo and I’ll run through the entire cast to see who whiffs on the 3rd hit. whiffing the 3rd hit is kinda a big deal and i’m sure the damage output would be less than the chicken wing combo->ultra combo.

Do you know if there are any characters who whiff on the Ultra if you do Flame kick->FADC->Chickenwing-> Ultra?

It’s not about style, it’s about options, none are correct and 40 damage for an entire Ultra is hardly game changing more like preference. Like I said you still get to keep your Ultra if you don’t use it. Plus like Trogdor mentions it build meter.

Nobody falls out of the CW>Ultra combo and Dee Jay, Dhalsim (possibly one other, could be Honda?) get hit for 3 hits of the Ultra after CW.

Those who drop out of the 3 hit Ultra are T Hawk, Ibuki and Viper (again you’ll have to double check).

There was a video floating about somewhere of it on Youtube, some dude sat there and did the Ultra on the entire cast instead of just doing it on the one’s it didn’t work on… :0)

Flame kick > FADC > U1 hits three hits on every character but it’s noticeably more worth it to do on those characters in which CW only hits twice. Also, for the two hit characters, timing is different for some. Some are more strict and some are more lenient to get the third hit. Try it out.

Highland, yea it’s Honda that get’s tagged three times. Right in his underwear.

You guys are now using MK version of chicken wing on FADC, right?

Not always, for me only in the corner so I can juggle a U1 but midscreen I use HK because it’s habit, also the ultra input is more strict after a 3 hit m.CW juggle. Maybe it’s because I play on pad but HK CW always comes out for me whereas sometimes I still get that stupid funky medium kick mid air.