Why can Blanka Ball only be punished when blocked high by Rufus?

I know this seems like a Rufus specific question, but the reason I’m wondering is that if you block a move that can be blocked either high or low, does blocking it high cause less block stun? Or is it something specific about some kind of Rufus blocking animation?

you’re fatter when you block low, so blanka bounces back farther than he does if you block it high.

Is this with all characters, or just some specific characters?

I believe you’re in block stun longer when you crouch block

Standing hitbox is slightly slimmer while standing than crouching, as Blackadde said. This goes for all characters.

Completely false.

It doesn’t apply to sf4? Because it does for some other fighters

Rufus can punish in any situation with U2.

Nope, in SF4 blockstun is always the same regardless of standing/crouching. blackadde’s correct, regarding hitbox width.