Why buy arcade marquees?

Can someone explain to me why you’d buy a arcade marquee someone printed out professionally like Gameongrafix which is just a recreation of the original art than just finding a giant image on the internet, saving it, then taking it to Fed-ex Office to print out??

I see these marquees on Ebay from 20-60 dollars and I just don’t understand why they are so expensive? When I made my custom arcade stick I printed out some art I made on a 17x11 sheet of matte lami label and it was 7.50. Is it illegal to download full size marquees or something? Same with Bezel art, side art, and especially control panel layouts. Why are they so hard to find, and why are they so expensive for some company to print them out for you.

I have to be missing something.

The marquees are made out of high quality vinyl. These wear out less frequently and don’t peel off like lamilabel does.


It’s high quality custom made art with high quality materials.

Lamilabel is like bottom of the barrel quality in terms of art finish

Images you find of the net are usually not in 300dpi print quality and come out looking like ass when printed.

If you where to see both a lamilable covered stick next to one using the gameongraphix polycarbonate art, you would realize how cheap and home made looking the lamilable looks in comparison.

Cool, thanks everyone. Guess I’ll be buying my arcade art from now on lol.