Why aren't weekend events being posted BEFORE the weekend

This is about the 3rd month in a row major events have no mention on this website when they are well underway. Dreamhack is going on right now with multiple streams, is a capcom pro tour event, and has tons of big hitters attending. Not a mention on this site. Could have easily been posted yesterday instead of the new cammy and tracer pc mod.

Seriously, wtf is happening to this site. it’s a sad day when Event Hubs used to be the “joke” fgc site and they are providing more coverage of FGC events than this site is.

Didn’t you guys even hire new writers? For what exactly?

It’s sunday, the dreamhack article still says day 1, and hasn’t been updated with any results. Again… do you not have anyone that actually works on the weekends during events?

I wouldn’t be bitching as much if this wasn’t like the 3rd to 4th month this has been a trend. Get your shit together SRK.

@d3v @Mechanica

Those are the front page peoples that I know of, I think.

I’m sure they’ll be by with some lame excuse as always just like when d3v defended the new site layout even though it gets nothing but complaints.