Why are fighting games so sanitized?

Fighting games are one genre you’d figure would be full of really crazy violence, yet a lot of the time it’s absent. MK is one of the few series that did have crazy violence(sadly the gameplay in the 3d renditions sucked). But the rest, nope. Street fighter it’s very odd, because the name itself invokes images of hardcore badasses beating the fuck out of each other in the streets, yet there’s none of that in SF games. SF2 actually had blood for some hard attacks, Vega’s claw strikes, Blanka and Gief’s bites and people even puking. Now, it’s all ultra sanitized like some silly anime, with Ken’s eyes bugging out of his head as he gets punched, Guile’s jaw looking like a fucking Popeye character when hit, or Vega stabbing people in the stomach as no effects are seen. I mean come on.

Know what I’d like to see? A truly hardcore fighter. With good solid gameplay. Like imagine this:
In a fighter. Blood and gore. People being chopped into bits, as the chunks of flesh jiggles and shakes. People being brutalized savagely by real fighters, not japanese schoolgirls and loli characters. Imagine a fighter with fighters fighting in venues like raining rooftops late at night in some dark gritty city. Fighting in underground cage arenas with unsavory lowlives watching. Pummeling each other on a basketball court late at night in the hood. Fighting on some dark street corner in front of a chinese restaraunt at 2am in the hood. Guys fighting on an army base after dark. Real crazy, hardcore shit. Blood covering the floor and the characters. Maybe even a powerup system, where characters can do drugs to get powerups, like you have your guy and you do some coke, or heroin or pcp and get a short powerup for a brief period of time, with drawbacks, and if you OD, you die and lose the match.

Oh and fatalities galore. Real nasty shit too, like curbstomping some motherfucker, or calling your friends down to do a driveby on the opponent. I’m sick of this sissified anime bullshit. I hate how in Tekken it’s fucking bright ass glowing hitsparks and those shitty red misty clouds supposedly representing blood, like some kid who just discovered photoshop. Fuck that damn shit. Fuck these lame weeaboo anime characters with goofy archtypes, like “jap girl with low self esteem who learns to believe in herself” or “buff man with tragic past who is gentle despite looking buff and scary” or "karate man who wants to seek enlightenment by fighting, or “cool emo hero guy with dark past” and “hotheaded rival who wants to kick hero’s ass”. Fucking LAME. Also we need cooler music, shit like this:

[media=youtube]ot7AW_z5Tes[/media] Fuck Yeah Oldschool Guile theme

Instead we get shit like this from Japan now:
[media=youtube]GVypfVkSH-s&feature=related[/media] Tapioka pudding or whatever her name is


I have a feeling the only way we’ll get what we want is if a Western company that studies good fighting game mechanics makes a truly Western fighter, like a Heavy Metal fighting game or some shit(Imagine Taarna or FAKK 2 fighting Lord Tyler and lizardmen and shit as metal plays). Til then, we’re gonna be stuck with japanese fighters, and japanese are uncreative and think goofy anime archtypes stolen from bad seasons of yugioh or naruto are the coolest things ever.

Fuck Lars and Alisa btw, they’re shit.

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Come on man, tell me you wouldn’t want a manly as fuck western style fighter with badass shit AND solid gameplay.

[media=youtube]e2YEFYlB36U[/media] Manly ass Guile

[media=youtube]uCPwfYwFc_s&feature=fvw[/media] Manly ass Kratos

Fuck those goofy doujiny styled weeaboo fighters and characters.

Arcana heart make u angry?

No I don’t, it’s immature and only works on the most basic of levels. MK was/still is a laughing stock because it put the gore before solid gameplay (UMK3 aside, which some claim was a mistake).

Are you like 14 or something? Watch a horror film, but none of that Saw bullshit.

We all know who this guy is. Requesting a ban for sockpuppet account, plz

1st i dont give a fuck about Gore
2nd im a GG player so fuck “western” paradigms of what is cool
3rth im sick of “manly” characters, shit is too gay

You anti-HNK?!

speaking of which, that game wasn’t nearly violent enough

to the OP I find ultraviolence immature and juvenile. if you still like that shit when you are in your 20s, there is a high likelihood you are a sick fuck with no friends.

I still think there’s something pretty awesome about ending a fight by ripping someone’s heart out.

Speaking of HNK, why is it that Yuda still finds the time to call Rei “beautiful,” despite having an impressive harem, overcompensating much?

Hokuto no Ken characters are manly, not "manly"
different things :wgrin:

Immature? So I guess 300 and Saw are immature movies right? I guess you’re too good for horror movies or action flicks right? What are you, some retarded ass weeaboo who glorifies cutesey jap shit and bashes anything Western? What’s wrong, hate gore unless it’s Battle Royale, then it’s suddenly awesome?

Also I love how you ignored the part where I said MK’s gameplay sucked, and said wouldn’t it be cool to have a fighter with gore that actually had good, solid gameplay. Yeah, you ignored that so you could try and make your point about how gore is so “immature”, like you’re some ivy tower critic who knows wtf people like.

This shit is why fighting games are just a niche in the market, because people like you and these developers don’t know how to appeal to the public. SF4 only sold so well due to having actual advertising, and nostalgia over SF2 characters. No one here gives a fuck about KoF(sad, since it’s a great series imo), VF is boring as fucking shit with generic boring characters, Tekken is just goofy shit now, and every other fighter now is dumb doujin anime shit with squirrel bitches and shit characters like “girl who learns to believe in herself” and “angsty emo main hero character with hair over one eye”.

You can sit there and say gore is shit and you don’t care, just don’t get mad when MK9 sells more than whatever shit anime weeaboo fighter full of crappy character designs you salivate over next. I guarantee you people would kill to play a solid, quality fighting game with awesome gameplay AND blood and cool characters. Oh wait, I bet you LOVE samurai shodown though, I bet somehow the blood in that game is so mature, because it’s japanese right?

Yeah, I guess all the people who loved Kill Bill are all sick immature juvenile fucks with no friends right? Yeah, I’m sure Quentin Tarantino is so hurt that you find his movies immature and shitty, despite them being loved and selling so well at the box office. Dumbass bitch. I bet you hate God of War too, and bitch about how much it “sucks because its full of gore, I only play mature games because I am a mature gamer hurr durr”. Go play Kirby Yarn and quit fighters, because you’re the cancer killing fighting games.

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I totally agree with this topic.


More like you can’t refute a single point I’ve made, nice job scrub. Know what the irony of all this is? People like you come here bitching about shit like “OMG casuals are ruining our fighting games, oh god why capcom whyyyyyyyyyyyy?” You bitch about gameplay features being dumbed down for stupid casuals, which I agree sucks. My solution to it, is that since gore and shit appeals to the mainstream audience, it would make perfect sense for a fighting game to try and tap into that. You can have a fighting game with good, solid gameplay, that isn’t dumbed down. Just slap some blood and crazy over the top violence in the game, and casuals will eat that shit up, meaning the game makes money, casuals get “crazy ass shit”, and all us gamers who want actual solid gameplay get that without it being tampered with. Apparently that’s a stupid idea, it’s much better if japan just churns out more “anime” fighters full of characters most people here won’t even touch with a 10 foot pole, then come on places like SRK and whine about how no one wants to play your games. And Companies like Capcom figuring “well, let’s just make the same shit with dumbed down controls, that’ll reel in the casuals, fuck what the hardcore fans want”.

Have fun when fighting games die out because you’d rather companies dumb down gameplay elements instead of trying new aesthetics that would actually reel people in. Guess the directors of 300, Sin City, Kill Bill, and all those action flicks were just dumbass immature 20 year olds who don’t know what the people want. Ed Boon sure is retarded too, thinking people want blood and gore and more western styled characters, I mean sure his games sold tons despite being total ass, but wtf does he know about making sales, right? Obviously Arc Sys knows more, that’s why Blazblue sold way more than the latest MK games ever did in America.

Actually I am a horror guru, so yeah. 300? A bunch of gay ass half naked niggas jumping around in slow mo with a cookie cutter plot, the comic was much better, but I bet you didn’t know that being a complete dumbass. Saw? The original was good and had heart, being an independent film by two talented individuals. The countless churned out and unimaginative sequels? Not so much, all they did was add ever more crap to the “Torture Porn” sub-genre of Horror without any of the creative direction to go along with it. Again, you are a dumbfuck.

I didn’t ignore your MK comment, as you only mentioned the 3D iterations, where most people think the only good 2D was UMK3 (An argument could be made for 2, but it’s pretty stale.)

No one in the public is demanding that Ryu’s hadoukens blow Chun-li’s chest cavity out. Capcom isn’t a bunch of inbred fucks that point at the TV and stupidly laugh when a fatality occurs like you, they are a business. Statistically a T rated game sales on average more than an M rated game. Since you are stupid, I shall let you know why: more people can buy and support the product, thereby helping our little “niche” demographic.

SFIV for better or worse helped single handedly revitalize the fighting game community, all because of good marketing, solid game play (This can be opinionated), and a rating that allowed it to reach a wider audience.

You don’t know what you are talking about, you sound like a whiny 14 year old boy who cries and screams until mommy buys him the new GTA, then he runs around trying to act all hood thinking violence by itself is a masterpiece. Grow the fuck up bitch.

u mad??

and yes, Arcsys does know how to do things, in that i agree totally

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