Whose the least changed from CT to CS?

I’m just wondering since I’m to broke to buy a new copy of CS. =X

Taokaka, perhaps? It seems like everyone got something new or changed quite a bit, but I haven’t heard much about her anyway…

I personally think it’s Tager. His game plan hasn’t changed a bit.

Unfortunately, Tager has gotten a lot more dangerous. Gadget finger is a really dirty move for Tager to have. Now he can just scoop you up and 360 you without a problem. Of course, it’s techable, but not many people are thinking about teching the grab…or should I say I am so dumbfounded by Tager’s lifting me up from the ground that I forget to tech. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone got changed, some people got more than others, but they got changed.

My roomate plays Tager, you can time the grab slightly late to make it a true command grab. His mixup doesn’t really change for this, Collider for jumpouts, 2a or rely on Tager Buster’s ridiculous new invincibility frames for most everything else. For odd cases like Ragna’s DP, just block that ish, punish with Tager Buster, and do Gadget Finger again.

Anyway while his play style hasn’t changed much, all his combos more or less have, and you need to know how to give yourself guaranteed Fingers. So he’s pretty different. Honestly I’d say Bang isn’t changed that much, if you can account for how much longer fire punch leaves them unable to tech, you can figure out combos on your own if you played CT Bang. Aside from new throw combos, you pretty much play him like CT Bang, only better lol.

Ragna hasn’t changed much.

its a air 214C you combo with like 6a j.9C 9D j.9C and 214C

This (if done right) will jam your sword into the opponent and you will drive him into the ground doing damage and then set up for another combo.

Sometimes they won’t stick all the way but you should still be close enough to keep the pressure on.

PS. My 2nd sentence when i made the j. idk if i used that right but what i mean is 6A forward jump ect ect. if I didn’t use it right plz tell me for future reference.

Noel, outside of her damage outut

Ragna. His gameplan is exactly the same, and all the old combos work. Just end air combos in j.214C -> relaunch instead of knockdown. Also, Blood Kain got better (it’s pretty silly now, 8k+ in the corner).
Second least changed would probably be Hakumen. He got better pokes to use at neutral, but his gameplan is pretty much the same.