Who's in Atlanta?

I’m coming down to Atlanta for Christmas and I was wondering where the 3rd Strike scene was. The arcade where I live just shutdown and we didn’t really have many people play 3rd Strike except random people button smashing whenever they came in. I was hoping to find some good competition in Atlanta so my scrubby self could get some practice. So the name of an arcade or two would be great. Even more so if you could tell me when some skilled players will be there.

Thanks guys.

I used to play at the tilt in Southlake mall. Look it up online, its pretty intense. Its also on apex (the tournament rankings) so u can look it up here on srk too.

I haven’t been in a LONG ass time, I’m in college and now in Japan, so i don’t know what the scene is like now. Should be pretty bangin if u go on a friday/saturday night, as usual.

That tilt doesn’t exist anymore. Me, Haunts, and Sundu usually play at Sundu’s house. He has a double 3s Cab, and a nice apartment, so we usually chill up there. Where do you live now? Post in the GA thread in the Atlantic South forums for more info. We should be more than enough comp.

Shazam. I should come play with you guys.


that would be sweet.

if anyone has any plans to come to Atl, PM me and I will give you the details and we can set somethign up.

I live in the Johnson City, TN at the moment. I’m not claiming to be good but I think I’m a little better than a scrub. We should turn this into a huge 3s gathering.