Whoa there're Uriens in the Ranbat!

as far as I know from my limited knowledge of ranbats, i haven’t seen more than ONE urien play (which was RX) in the japanese Ranbats. I’m watching this new one right now and I see THREE! plus i see they’re all starting to parry the corner unblockable too.

Besides RX, there are many other urien players. Senaka, Messatsu Yarou,Tokido, and Pierre, to name a few.

Surely this didn’t require a thread made for it.

Tokido hasnt played Urien in a while…he plays Chun.

Ack is amazing.

yeah but i never see those guys play Urien except Pierre on the ranbats. i’m just saying it’s nice to finally see some urien action going on in the ranbats.

You can see Senaka and Pierre in many other RanBats. Messatsu is IMO clearly the best Urien besides RX, but harder to find videos of.

Pierre also uses Chun. :razz:

Oh and yeah…come back when you see like 5 Twelve players in a Ranbat. :lol:

ranbat 219 is filled with uriens you must not be watching and i hope someone got some vids of tokido at evo cause i think thats the last time he played urien

The Ranbat final (Ranbat End) on Godweapon.net has RX, Seneka and Pierre.

There’s also an awesome match between RX and KSK in there.