Who would win...

We have a Whitepedia, and shortly after a Blackpedia appeared.

Who would win in a Death Match?

Black Dynamite or Chuck Norris?

Both Michael Anthony Angarano and Jaden Smith, after being trained by Jackie Chan of course.

Black Dynamite beat up The Man and stole the First Lady. Meanwhile, Chuck Norris has his hands full keeping the state of Texas in check. Plus, Michael Jai White is actually a legitimate martial artist with multiple black belts.

So despite my love for Chuck Norris meme, easily Black Dynamite.

Being the foremost authority on both black and white people, I would say neither.
They would be locked in a deadly stalemate until I came down from the depths of space and obliterated both of them with my pelvic thunder.

Black Dynamite. The Chuck Norris band wagon is annoying i’m sick of it.

We do.

That’s a baller ass fight right there homeboy! :tup:

Did you just imply that Chuck Norris isn’t a legit martial artist?

Didn’t he found his own school?

Someone pinch me please.

bruce campbell is better then both of them

He is, but I figured most ppl knew that about Chuck Norris already. But supposedly Michael Jai White has seven legitimate black belts (Kyokushin karate, Shotokan karate, Goju-ryu karate, Kobudo, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Wushu).

I checked, it’s 8.

Which is seven too many if he had chosen the one and only true style.

Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris so hes irrelevant

Black Dynamite takes this and it ant eem funny .

I don’t think Chuck Norris is the best representative to fight for the white people. Then again most white action movie stars would be shitty to put it so I suppose it works.

Black Dynamite is one of my most favorite films and Michael Jai White deserves better work, so I voted for him.

Chuck Norris is only considered broken because of WoW asses making that meme up about him and that dumb ass show he had. Sure, he’s a good martial artist & all, but no way as awesome as a lot of other martial artists.

It’s just dumb. Like saying the My Little Pony really is an amazingly awesome show (Not saying it’s not good, pony bro dude thingies, just not at all at the same level of the hype).

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