Who would win in a fight, the original 151 Pokemon or the original 5 X-Men?

all these hypothetical situation threads are kinda dumb but i guess if things are getting stale around here then you gotta do what you gotta do gd.

for reference, the original 5 x-men are cyclops, jean grey, beast, archangel, and iceman


Though Saitama could beat him.

Ash could wreck the original 5 x-men, with his dick.

No versus threads you dumb fuck

hmm… original 5 vs ash and his best 6 pokemon -that he should’ve had.

Jean is a more powerful psychic than Mewtwo.

You were right! :how_interesting:

Superman, not sure how he’d fair against Goku though…

Can you also list out the original 151 pokes too?

you right

isn’t life just one really long versus thread tho

Google told me that x-men wins.

Goku wins using plot armor like he did with broly…deal with it.

On one hand, Neo can fly and stop bullets and also remove bullets from other people’s chest, but on the other hand, his powers only work inside the Matrix… so I guess I’ll have to go with with Luke Skywalker on this one

The X-men will win. Jean Grey as Phoenix can solo them.

I don’t think anybody from Pokemon can kill the omega level mutant Iceman.

But she can’t turn into the Fenix until later on right?

No simon says die for you!!!

Arceus is literally the One Above All of the Pokemon franchise.

Just looked that up…terrible mlp looking shit…is that a part of the original 151 poopymans?

Superman beats Goku all day.

Nice shitty fanart did you draw that yourself ROFLLLLL