Who will be the EVO 2012 champion?

Just wanted to know what you guys think :3


thats what we think.

Thanks for taking action, on behalf of the 65k users here, to put this guy in his place. You didn’t stand by and watch this atrocity happen. :rock:

Edit: I voted desk btw

Where’s the humorous last option, like “nobody”?

Why the rudeness? Relax guys, its just a thread, if you dont like it, just ignore it :).

Welcome to SRK.

Honestly it’s fun to speculate, but it’s a lot easier to think about when you get an idea of what kind of international talent is there.

Anyway, here are my predictions:

MvC3: Juicebox Abel
SSFIV AE2012: XxSephirothxSniperXx
SCV: Keits
Beyblades: Seto Kaiba
Catherine: DacidBro