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Find Noel Brown
Money Match him

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Please get video…and keep it going for a moment after the match, just in case

Can I ask what’s the reason for all of this hate toward this Noel Brown guy?..I don’t know him personaly…(I don’t know anybody I live in southamerica)…but I’ve seen him on streams and he has a very solid vega…u have respect for him still playng vega after the AE nerfs…fighting an uphill battle in tournaments…I think all vega players should support each other…you guys playng in tournaments not only play for yourself you also represent us vega players who can’t be there…

He sucks and attacks people with broken legs.

So he attacked someone with broken legs…well that sort of justifies the hate…is there somewhere I can read about this or can someone elaborate?..about him sucking…I don’t know…the only time he looked free was against gamerbee…and that was gamerbee…also adon seens to be a really bad match up for vega in ae…(See justing wong vs el cubano loco)

So a little shit talk in MvC3 justifies assault on a wounded person?

Also, his Vega is really bad, but that doesn’t justify the hate. The fact that he’s a douche champion makes him hated, much like Filipino Champ.

meh… i hate him more than fchamp…

fchamp has his cool moments…

outside the camera anyway.

Justified a repost.

Just sayin’

if only you guys has seen noel brown at NCR…

just sayin’

Vegaman…please explain. Were current opinons validated or did he show that he really is a great player. I personaly dont have a problem with lame playing, and he seems to make it work. I just think its hilarious that he attacked that dude…no matter what he did.

ok…there are some reasons I’d go off like that, but it would have to be pretty bad

he talks and acts like a child, he almost got thrown out of NCR for losing at MVC3 just before he was called to the stream for ssf4 for punching the door at the hotel. Imagine FChamp later that day but instead of just yelling at people, actually taking it out on hotel property. He sucks with Vega but talks like he’s the shit because he hangs with wong. Then he steps up and gives wong advice when he loses like Noel actually has some useful shit to say. It’s fuckin wong. He knows how to fight Vega.

fuckin dumbass.

Yeah does justin even like noel brown anymore? they used to be best buddies or something.

vegaman with the hate =O

yeah… noel brown is pretty lame.

that punch was sooooo lame.

he’s the only vega player i actually do not like at all

“Vega player” is not a phrase I would use to describe noel brown if you catch my drift

fine he’s the only person that “mains” vega that i dont like… other than sodapop

I don’t even think Noel plays AE seriously anymore, but yea his Vega isn’t very good, I remember I used to follow his Vega when I picked up the character but now I realize it’s very very lame.

So? People taunt online all the time. He shoulda rage quitted irl.

i’m kidding about not liking sodapop btw… sheesh that guy is so serious

Like I said. Irl rage quit would have solved this. Although I think if you rage quit life, there’s no coming back.