Who want it wit Sanford? Obviously Justin!

Sanford says:
Dont use triforce as a cop out why you dont enter mvc2.
Your a bitch nigga I beat you down the end of last year and then in MY TOURNEY YOU DONT ENTER I smell PUSSY I will hunt your ass down then beat you again.

I wounder if the JAPS EVER SEE YOU LOSE MVC2…:badboy: .

Like my man party said "its nothing like cas against free this shit is like ASS AGAINST MEEEEEEEEE.

Justin replies:
SURE!!! your feelin yourself all of a sudden. Wow one win, your point!
:lame: You have problems fighting yipes and you want to talk shit to me all of a sudden. I don’t need Triforce as an excuse for anything, he’s aint my daddy, but I can’t say the same for you. Besides I felt sorry for you cause you need the money more than I do. Just trying to be empire and share. Bum ass nigga! Fuck outa here, respect your teacher son!

The next matchup is at Texas…Me and Isaac Graham will accept any bets against Justin Wong up to $3000.

Vote for most likely scenario at Texas Showdown.

haha i love these posts :clap:


Three Grand!!!??? Jesus!

wait so there is gonna be a justin vs sanford fight at TS5? I really didnt understand the post.

bahaha… 3,000 thats it…?

I so wish I can ban your ass blaz so I don’t have to scroll through all of these BS topics of yours.

How easy is it to not go into a thread when you see I’ve created it? You’re so fucking dumb. Just like your mother. Whom I fuck in the ass with no condom on. And then I make her suck my dick. You fuck.

omg why was that so funny? :lol:

Evidently its just as hard as for you to STFU for once instead of starting shit.

when your mom kisses you goodnight next time, smell her breath. That’s her own ass she’s breathing on you.


No thanks, seeing how you loved the rim job she gave ya a few minutes eariler.



I just called my boys and told them to read this! OMG!

Dick+Ass= :rofl:

So! The Justin v. Sanford rematch is finally going to take effect. Its about freakin’ time!!

Wow! Bets up to $3000!?

As much as this guy’s post don’t make sense to me and all I see him do is cause trouble, I gotta admit… that line was fuckin awesome.

STFU he sonned you


LOL! i love the maturity on srk :slight_smile:
even when we’re old and grey and have grand children running around thinking they’re the shit at SF we can pop on here and bust out some dick, ass, muff, shit, jokes :smiley:

Its all good =]

…I can’t understand what theyre saying in the original post…someone post a translation.

I thought they were supposed to be friends too…with friends like that you don’t need enemies.