Who uses Ryu?

Hello guys,

         I'm here wondering who uses Ryu here like I do(which is everytime I play the game).Call me a fanboy if you want; because thats what I am, I use Ryu everytime I play (eventhought they are many people who says he sucks).I also don't do that bad with him for he being such a low tier character and all my game high scores are with him. So, who else is like that? Or at least tell me if you using at all and what are his pros and cons so I can understant better why you people use him or not.

Ryu kinda sucks in this game, due to the appearences of cable sentinel and Magneto and storm. try learning with one of those 4, preferably cable sentinel and storm.

No offense man, but from what you wrote, it seems to me you are just jumping in the bandwagon. I mean everyone who I heard playing the game uses those guys. Anyways, Ryu may be kinda of a low tier in this game, but he can be used effectively if you know how. So, now I recomend you to jump off the bandwagon and use other characters (I’m not saying to necesaryly use Ryu thought). Have fun. :tup:


Ryu does not suck in this game it’s just that people get tired of him because he’s everywhere. My brother kick ass with Ryu and always have Cyclops for back up

ryu is fun to play but he still sucks against any top tier match up

Ryu does not suck in this game it’s just that people get tired of him because he’s everywhere. My brother kick ass with Ryu and always have Cyclops for back up

Man, nothing couldn’t be more true than what you said. If you use him right, he could be a pretty good character, and yes, just like your bro I always use Cyclops to back him up.

ryu needs someone good to back him up. none of his assists are terribly useful, single hit projectiles cause ryu to get eaten alive against multi-hit projectile users like cable, storm, etc…

ryu’s projectile type works best in combos…

team shoto is really fun to play…

Ken; variety
Gouki; variety
Ryu; Projectile.

Try this team:

I use this team when I don’t feel like playin’ Hayato, Strider, Jin

Hmm…Ryu is an outstanding character! The only problem I have with him is that he’s just to slow for me and isn’t really a good tier character. I’d say that Ryu is like an average character, he isn’t to strong, he isn’t too slow, and he has like a mid range of tier combos, that’s what I’ve seen with Ryu.

I just recently started playing with him again and added him to my team. Ryu has some pretty impressive aerial combos, well the one I’ve done were pretty damn decent. Anyways, I’d say that Ryu is a good character and who cares if he’s in every game? No one complains when they pick him and beat the game, etc.

i personally do not see a problem with using Ryu.
I usaually uise him alot in all fighting games(sf3rd strike MvC MvC2 ) but i really never had a problem with this charecter.

I liked Ryu, but then I found out better characters, but I still like to play him from time to time

I would have to say ryu is not a bad character but they really had nothing to give him in this game so he was stuck with the same old regular things

ryu’s anti air is under rated. its like captain commando’s assist but it weeps diagonally across the screen taking up more room. it doesnt go as high as CapCom but it goes as high as you’ll ever need. not to mention recovery is better also.

ryu’s super does good damage if you mash and its start up is QUICK. you can catch people slipping just as easy as cables AHVB its just that you cant re-jump with his.

for rushing, rush the same as any other capcom game. end with a fireball adn an assist to clear your ass. jump back and throw a few random fireballs.

Ryu can be an amazing fighter in this game all depending on who he’s teamed up with. My team is Ryu, Bison, Chun-li, and if you switch up your style enough ryu is not at all predictable

Yeah, I think people have forgotten that Ryu is the perfect all-around character. He’s not too much this or that, but can fight with anyone, and has a super that beams across the screen in air. And his projectile assist is perfect for the capcom side of characters.

Man Ryu is just flat out slow! I hate his slowness with a passion!

i uses ryu on point
basicly i just close in call akuma dash back use hadoken to cover akuma,if akuma hits connect that with a tk-shinkuhadoken
but if opponent blocks just use a hadoken to cover akuma.when opponent closes in and call his assist,just call ken to send them to heaven.or u can purposely call a assist to whiff so that when opponent is punishing your assist"dun do this against cable",just do a tk-shinkuhadoken.or if your opponent tries to do a air combo on your assist just super jump and try to intercept them"ryu has some decent piority" and end your air combo with shinkuhadoken.just mix your style"close in and keep away" and u will be quite ok

lmfao this is officially the noobest thread i have ever seen. if you actually win with ryu your opponent sucks huge ass.

dont use ryu on point unless its a low tier match. even if it is, i’d still much rather use ken or akuma. ken can do like 80 damage with one launch, no assist, no super. ryu’s best combo with an assist and super would probably match that. not to mention ken’s invincibility (does ryu’s shoryuken have that too?) on his anti air. ryu cant rush for shit, so you need a good assist like doom AAA or sentinel ground to play keep away.

I play Ryu Cable Doom For Fun At Times
Hes OOOK lol
In team shoto, I use
Ryu: Projectile
Akuma: Expansion
Ken: Anti Air