Who the f*ck works for Capcom?!

I’ve never seen a character nerfed so hard.
If these changes go through, I’m starting a f*cking riot! Who’s with me?
Let’s go in front of the Japanese embassy and burn the Capcom logo, this is ridiculous.

Why can’t you just f*cking buff the sh1tty characters and at MOST, implement damage nerfs on strong ones. I QUIT Cammy when I was having so much fun with her, now Yang is about to get the chair too?! FUCK YOU CAPCOM!!!

I’ve seen characters nerfed that hard. Guile from Super to AE.

Meh, I hoped everyone could restrain their urge to do something like this, tbh.

Now I have a pocket Yang. lol.

Or bison from super to AE. In all honesty a lot of the characters didn’t need nerfs. U telling me that Guile REALLY needed to lose any tools?

Hold on… you honestly think Bison from SSF4 to AE took it worse than Yang just did? That’s a joke.

I just decided to main Yang last week and I was JUST beginning to have fun playing him and those nerfs really hurt… he is like a Garbage can character now…
looks down at the ground and kicks dirt :frowning: Yang wasn’t even that bad he didn’t even make a showing at EVO …

Bison from Super to AE: LOL suuuuure

I agree that a lot of characters didn’t need nerfs. Guile didn’t really loose any tools, they just got weaker. I main Guile and I’m fine with most of the nerfs but I think they overdid it, just like the twins this time. And I despise the twins lol. I think they will still be strong in 2012, just not overpowering.

Also for the OP, Cammy nerf wasn’t that big. She’s still very strong, more footsie oriented and requires more skill but that was not a giant nerf.

Yun and Yang (pre-2012) sound like they were about where they were in SF3. Yun is mad OP and Yang is good but doesn’t get much attention.

Now it seems things are a lot worse in general.

ITT: an OP who doesn’t realise Yang still has most of his stupid stuff intact.

Vanilla Gen to Super Gen.
/troll thread?