Who sucks more: PSN or Xbox 360 SF4 players?

well, i have this game for my ps3 and wanted to try how the online was for xbox 360 so i got the game. i can honestly say that xbox 360 sf4 players are way more scrubby then psn players. i played this game about an hour on live and was disgusted. there were people in championship mode with 1500 points who still played like they didn’t know what to do. wake up shoryukens, full screen blanka balls, full screen ultras, etc. ROFL. only thing i can think of is that there might be more 360 players then psn. PNS vs Xbox 360 tourney anyone?
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You make indians look bad. Close thread please!:tdown:

:wonder: You already made [this same thread] in the 360 forums so I’ll lock this one. No need for two exact threads… dood!