Who should I play as based on what I like in a character?

If you wish to help me, here’s a list of things I like and dislike in a character:

  1. I absolutely hate play as characters who rely on both their EXes and Supers at the same time, ie. Urien or Alex. It’s gotta be just one or the other like everyone’s favorite EX whores Ryu and Yang or completely Super dependent characters like Akuma and Yun.

  2. I hate kara throwing because no matter how freaking hard I try, I simply can not get the timing on them. The same goes for charge partitioning. That pretty much eliminates Q and Remy. :frowning:

So, who should I play as?

Necro for you.

Necro’s all supers, no kara throws. :tup:

Hugo’s all super as well, but he has a kara-throw.

Yeah, but I’ve never seen him actually abuse his kara-throw, ala Elena and Q.

Use Twel(e)ve & fly around. :tup:

I actually don’t agree with Alex being an EX dependent character. Sure it’s great on some combos like j.hk, s.mk xx EX flash chop, but it’s not absolutely necessary. He’s more of the mixup/mindgames type when used properly.

Buuuuut, trying a character eh…Maybe you’d like Dudley. Working his supers into combos is a good part of his game, but isn’t completely reliant on them. His strength and speed should be good for you.

Why are you charge partitioning with Q? Hell why are you using his lunge attacks at all?

With Q you’re supposed do three things - taunt, jab, and throw.

I think Q has to do his lack of ability when it comes to Kara-throwing. ^_~

I am done learning Akuma. He doesn’t have EX moves so maybe that’s the character you are looking for. You don’t have to use Kara throwing ever. I can do that only for Ryu, and a bit for Urien and Oro. But with Akuma, it is about spinning kick, baby!

Alex… you are next.

The characters I’m look right now are:


I’m slightly considering:


Hugo, Alex, ChunLi, and Q seem to lack combo. If that the kind of character you enjoy, you can reduce your pick…

Gouki is pretty fun, but die hell fast. He has quite a lot of combo, mind game with crossover, and it took me a while to cover all I could read/think off.

Necro is a horrible combo character for me. I used to pray by Necro, but his lack of stamina, damage, and EASY combo off the corner make him a very difficult character to learn and use. I still can’t do jack with him combo wise but maybe you can.

What I like about Dudley is more his mind games over his combo. Since I suck really bad at mind games, sometimes I pick him to compensate.

yes4me : thank you for making up the manga thread in Herv…

dudley’s 1 of the character that do mix up and chain combos …

he hardly had any karathrow that had been used often
no charge too


I will be back on Herv as soon as I am done with this small … cough… faq for SF3. It should hopefully answer most of the questions regarding combo.

If you like straight forward characters just go for either Gouki, Chun Li or Necro. Honestly, if you hate EX Dependent characters, you lose Yang and Twelve (they have good EXs that you can and should abuse), Hugo is good, but he is prone to pressure games since he is big, but then he’s weird to juggle.

Surprisingly, I don’t see any interest from you for Oro. When in a bind, EXs are welcomed, but you don’t absolutely need them to be part of your game and he is still a great character without his Super, just he is better depending on how you utilize one.

Necro can be difficult to pick up just because he has a lot of different attacks and learning to use them all appropriately can be hard. Chun Li is the most basic you can get, but she can really build up from just poking and linking into Super. Gouki has no EXs at all and he’s not Super Dependent, but rather mix-up/mind game dependent. How well you are at being unpredictable is your power.