Who or What is "Overpowered" in Fighting Games?

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Custom Combos are overpowered in any game they show up in. In both Alpha 2 and alpha 3 they changed the entire game. Is it for the better or worse? That’s a matter of opinion, but no one can’t deny that they were gamebreaking. Yes, overtime there were ways to counter Custom Combos.

I think overpowered techniques are better than overpowered characters. Petshop is an overpowered character in JoJo and people believe he is so unbeatable that he has to be banned. T4 Jin was also pretty overpowered as well.

Overpowered techniques in a way level the playing field just a little. Especially if low tiers can find a way to utilize it. However there is always the contraversy of roll cancels in CVS2. People say Sagat was too good before they came around, and roll cancels brought up some characters in the tier ranking. Not sure how much they changed the game. To me CVS2 has always been a bit turtly, simply because of the range of many character sprites from alpha games. But then again Alpha has always been a game where you are afraid to hit buttons, and many argue that CVS2 is just another interation of SFA.


call me dumb if i am wrong because I am not afraid to admit that I am ignorant.

in my eyes, I always thought roll cancels kind of balanced out the roster.

contrast that with the v-ism+crouch cancelling in alpha games, which outright made some chars better than others and destroyed the game imo. (A3 moreso than the others)

ok srsly when did this whole “OP = overpowered” thing begin? it seems like such a smash thing but i don’t even remember any of them doing it and now it’s everywhere. random 09 shit i guess?



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It has been around SRK for years.

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huh, i literally have never seen it until SF4 came out

anyway it’s fucking dumb. i mean if a fighting game had a stage called In Man’s Huge Orifice we wouldn’t be abbreviating it IMHO

Yes we would.

I think something that is overpowered is something thats too easy mode.

Like a day 1 player can come in learn something quick and be a threat.

I think thats overpowered.

good thread. i am posting in this thread. because it is good.

overpowered is completely relative to each game. i think it is just a matter of a character having a tool that nobody has an answer to, or very few members of the rest of the cast have an answer to. that or another way something becomes overpowered is if a character has a tool that becomes to answer to too many things, such that the player has a significant advantage when playing mindgames. that advantage is, not really having to guess or play a high risk game in order to gain reward.

characters in guilty gear translating over to street fighter would be “overpowered” but to their own cast, they are not.

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