Who made my ava?

Ive been wearing this one for a hella long time now. I tried searching quite a while ago to find the request thread where I originally picked it up but unfortunately didnt have any luck. I was hoping to find the cool dude who made me this and hit him with another similar request as long as he doesnt mind. Im after something very similar to the one I have now, few bits of text with 1 pic.

So, anybody know who made my avatar? :smile:


around what date was it made?

Try asking givequicheachance, his style would compliment your request very well.


i think it´s bear ryoma

this is a perfect example to why you should ALWAYS give props to the av maker in your sig. points to my own sig

also, good luck with that.

looking at your post and then looking at your av makes me lolerskate. looks like the monkey is trying to help.

Thanks for the replies. I think it was made around a year and a half back, the guy at the time had a pretty packed out request thread. I noticed also, other people with animated av’s had the same style of text as mine. Shatterstar you are spot on, I should have done that at the time.

As well as bumping this Im gonna try another advanced search.

Thanks again guys


OK so Im a dufus, instead of searching for ‘avatar’ and ‘request’ I should have just searched for my own posts from this part of the site. :slight_smile: AsianDemon made my avatar! I guess I’ll have to PM him on the offchance he wont see this thread.

Thanks once again