Who knows why Tekken is played 3 out of 5 rounds?


yields more consistent results relative to who the better player actually is, and Tekken games that aren’t TTT normally don’t have matchups that can degenerate into a turtle fest that results in the match being decided after timeout or within seconds of a timeout.

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Hahaha, thanks for the answer. I didn’t know about that site.

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TTT and T4 were both played 2/3 in tournament. It has to do with the default lifebar settings in the game, which then effect the average round length.

So from T5 on, the lifebars have been comparably smaller + juggle damage remained high (lowering avg round time). Hence, 3/5.


Tekken 4 at EVO2004 was 3/5. Tag was 2/3. I don’t remember T4 being 2/3 ever.

i unfortunately can not see any videos at work, but i do know that T4 was 3/5 at the bracket portions of EVO '04 (i was there by the way). The pools however, were 2/3. i also ran enough of my own tournaments in T4, it was 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches.

hahahaha this is so true