Who is your RIVAL on PSN?

I have a few but I’d have to say Tazmattik. We always try to destroy each other LMAO

My rival on PSN is PSN itself. Drops, disconnects, and lag is enough to make me want to kill it.

LMAO ya I just turned it off one day on Marvel because I just couldn’t stay in a room lol

rofl sums it up nicely.

But who are your Rivals ONLINE though lol excluding the system lol

My rival is Padilla78744. That pussy runs from me every time we start a game.

Actually, he’s not worthy enough to be considered a rival to me. I would actually consider my rival to be X-PK-FORE. Even though he is a ragequitter, we always have really close matches when we play. We did a 1st to 10 once, and it was very close throughout. So I would consider him to be my “rival”.

Ruthless_Brothaz <- My rival O_o

I have two rivals at this moment.

Comcast gdlk disconnection service and my Linksys when it resets by itself.

Overall, I have no Rivals. Everyone is my buddy.

Nice and Mystic your friends can be your rivals also lol

GNX84, Hado-King and Pacloc are my rivals, that doesn’t mean we’re enemies, on the cotrary, we’re friends.

G because he uses ken too, Hado because our Ryu vs Ken matches are insane and Pac, well that rivality was born in a tourney, my ken vs his sim.

Too much respect to my homies! :slight_smile:

Nice I would like to play you low tier sometime.

lol… what?, ken isn’t low tier.

Well, if that’s the case. You’re my rival KhaosDragon!

Yea he is.

no, he’s not, he is mid tier… but i think khaos is talking about MvC ken, if that so, he really is a low tier char in there.

Ya I was talking about MVC2 I’m sorry about the mix up.

I have a few I’d say.

Godlike_Rushdown: always making me better lol

Snipecom79: he’ll win then quit out! He does win though.

And you, khaosdragon, when we’ve played. I think I may have got you twice ever, and it was probably lower tier because I can’t touch your cable lolz.

LMAO nah man I must’ve not used IM and Sent when I was playin you then cuz Cable can’t touch them lol But ya Rushdown is nice and I haven’t played Snipecom yet.

It says you haven’t been on in forever. Next time I see you on you can show me how to get beat lol.

And tazzmatik is a beast with dhalsim! He raped me good last time I played him.

I’ll either be on tonight if my equipment gets here today if it doesn’t get here today it should be here by monday.