Who is your favorite character of all of the fighting games you've played? Why?

My favorite character of all fighting games is C. Viper because of her complexity of her moveset.
Also her trickery is nicely done as well.

Plus she looks cool although the hairdo is not too good.

Obviously this takes into account of all Fighting games. Heck I know, someone might actually put Shaq Fu.
Or maybe someone will put Cinder from Killer Instinct. (who is actually my favorite in that game.)


A grapple character with combos is just so much fun for me.

This is a very tough question as I’ve played more fighting games than anyone I know combined. I had to really think about this one and I’ve realized that Akuma is my favorite character out of all the fighting games I’ve played. I have to pick Akuma in every single fighting game that he’s in. He’s not my main character in any fighting game but I always play with him a lot, even if I know I’m not going to win. He’s very fun to use in any game. He’s pretty much always the same in every game unless it was like a puzzle or card game.

Akuma in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is my favorite because he’s just insane with all the combos you can do with him using the game’s mechanics. MvC2 is the only game where Akuma can do a dashing combo, launch your opponent into the air, do an air combo into a Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, into an air Gohadoken and cancel into air Messatsu Gohadoken Hyper Combo. He’s very fun to play with in MvC2 despite the fact that his health is very low as usual and he’s low tier.

I like Akuma because he’s simple to use since he’s a Shotokan. He’s got a similar move set to Ryu and Ken but what makes him really unique is his Raging Demon. I’ve never played a game that had such a ridiculous input for a move. I always feel that it was worth it if you actually did pull it off and catch someone with the Raging Demon because it always looks epic, especially if it’s for the win. The dude has fire aura, he’s got red spiky hair and he just looks bad-ass. Plus not many characters can shoot projectiles while in the air back in the day. Even in Street Fighter IV, he’s the only character that has an air projectile and the Raging Demon still looks epic. He’s too cool. How can you not like him.

thats easy…Iori Yagami. its the perfect rushdown/defensive char for me.

Sentinel: playing him is an art/lifestyle

Probably CT Rachel, great character design and she’s just so much fun to play with the ability to control space and zone or rtsd with wind when it suits her.

Chaka from jojo’s bizarre adventure.

  • strong poke game when building meter.

  • landing nearly any normal can lead to sweet BNB. (meter needed)

  • he has a possessed sword.

  • stand crush combo is nice and flashy.

  • meterless guard cancel that leads to bnb / stand crush combo. (meter needed)

  • 40 hit + ground combos.

  • hes middle tier.

Guile’s had the biggest impact on my life in the fighting circle. Not the only, of course–but the hugest one early on, which is, uh, rather significant. He’s by far my favorite.

It allowed me to develop a style suitable for me to succeed; that style being defensive. At one point, I always would rush guys down in Street Fighter 2, but once I grew into the Guile appeal, I began to goad the opponents instead, and this boosted my winning consistently. It pisses a lot of people off, and I find battles to be easier to win if the opponent is clouded.

Monster AC Orju is dope. That is all.

hmm hard question…

Spiral from COTA. Switch it still the coolest move ever never to be redone.

Sentential, then makoto

Zappa (GGAC): Crazy random shit. 3 random summons each give a different move set (Ghosts for zoning, sword for big damage, dog for ground pressure strings/corner rape) and Raoh for 6HS xx 236S~P wallbounce shenanigans and the obvious 214S monster uppercut. He had some really odd moves that I liked, such as the auto crossup j.HS, midscreen staggering f.5S, the “what the fuck that beat my DP?” catch-all move stuffer 6P, and the nasty stagger on CH 2HS. [media=youtube]TNqiCihB0oc"[/media]

Ever played KOF?

A.B.A. from GGXXAC. I love her pressure strings and crazy damage. Switching between a terrible, useless character to an absolute god who’s only problem is damaging herself just really does it for me. A.B.A. is damn near perfect for me.

Psycho Shredder from MUGEN. This character just has so many options and we know that’s what makes characters fun. Added bonus for being mindless rushdown.

Makoto. She’s just so awesome, and looks sexy in her yellow outfit.

Accent Core Robo-Ky. Robo Ky has always been incredibly intense, seriously fun and absolutely hilarious to play as. But in AC when they gave him that heat meter, it just completely changed his mixup in a huge way.

Urien. Because he’s easy to cosplay as. Just need Chones. :tup:

  1. Chipp from GG series, because he is a Ninja & my main since 10 year
  2. Order Sol from GG because he so pimp too
  3. Testament & Zato (Eddie) because they are dope

special mention for all the GG cast for being godlike and the best characters on any fighting game on the story, Iori for being cool, Bang, Tager & Hakumen for being great desings

HNK doesnt count because they are too manly for being in the list

Riptor because he’s a raptor.

Either Oro in 3s for fun times with Tengu Stone juggles, and his overall erratic playstyle, or El Fuerte in 4. Honestly, I’ve never had so much fun with a character as I have mindfucking people with Fuerte’s wakeup madness.

Plus I just really like characters that don’t take themselves too seriously. It has a big impact on my enjoyment of the game when I play with a character with personality.