Who is who?

Most of the names are in Japanese so I have no idea who is who. I see strats for ken, polymar, etc, but I have no idea who they are.

The ones that I know off the top of my head:

Casshern - White faceemask over his mouth, robot dog
Yatterman - Guy with the mask & black hat
Saki - Girl with the gun
Polymar - Orange suit & ram helmet
Tekkaman - Looks like a knight
Ippatsuman - Black & white suit w/ red symbol on his chest
Doronjo - Blonde Devil chick
Gatchaman - White suit, white cape & hawk helmet & visor
Jun - The girl gatchaman

The rest are probably recognizable, and then the robots.

Someone needs to match pictures to faces though, cause a lot of the Tats dudes look like palette swaps.

pics to names!!!



Once that loads, find the red button with the arrows pointing to the right, on the right hand side. That’ll turn the pages.

In order of appearance, from left-to-right where applicable:
Ippatsuman | Viewtiful Joe
Saki | Roll
Jun the Swan | PTX-40A
Hakushon Daimaou
Doronjo | Rock Volnutt
Polymar | Soki
Gold Lightan | Morrigan
Yatterman-1 | Alex
Tekkaman | Batsu
Ken the Eagle | Casshern | Chun-Li | Ryu

Ok, here’s a comprehensive picture/list matching the exact character roster. I hope. Maybe someone can do the Capcom Side since I don’t have much time.

The Tatsunoko Side, from left to right, just like on the character select screen.

  [Hakushon Daimou](http://team.ffonline.it/img/anime/3756.jpg) / [Karas](http://www.anime-kraze.org/wiki/images/thumb/3/3e/300px-Karas_(2).jpg) /  [Polymar](http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k209/artephius81/POLYMAR20HURRICANE.jpg)/ [Casshern](http://www.vujer.com/material/files/Casshern_Casshan.jpg) / [Ken](http://www.henshinonline.com/images/gatchaman_dvds_04.jpg)

Gold Lightan <-----
Ippatsuman /Doronjo / Yatterman / Tekkaman /Jun

:lol:! That’s too good.

And here I thought it was that Jun-spinning-around-to-show-her-panties gif


his name is ryu

as you can see, he is lacking in terms of a neck, but he is still very neat

I think its spelled ‘Souki’ when translated, at least thats how Im seeing most sites and people spell it.

Far Left - Gold Lightan
Far Right - PTX-40A
Top left row, left to right - Hakushon Daimao (unlockable), Karas, Polymar, Casshern, Ken the Eagle
Bottom left row - Ippatsuman (unlockable), Doronjo, Yatterman, Tekkaman, Jun the Swan
Top right row - Ryu, Morrigan, Batsu, Souki, Saki (unlockable)
Bottom right row - Chun-Li, Alex, Rock Volnutt, Roll, Viewtiful Joe (unlockable)

And Keits, the credits that scroll after completing Arcade mode say “Souki.”

People should call him Yatterman 1 instead of Yatterman.

That’s dumb, there’s only one Yatterman in the game, so who cares?

Also good shit for getting this done

Well, Yatterman is the name of the team, and Yatterman 1 is Gan’s alias. But yeah, it’s all for proper semantics. (It’s a strange reversal to Ken - where he can be called as Gatchaman but the team is just Science Ninja Team).

It’s a shame that Tatsunoko’s series aren’t as well known outside Japan as some are…

Gatchaman and Shurato were among my favourite cartoons/anime when I was a kid, and I bet that if I watched them today I’d be hooked again.

Let’s hope TvC and it’s fanboys can help spread the word ^^

Actually technically, wolfox, the team’s name is Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, it’s a common misconception that Ken is “gatchaman”. It was named “gatchaman” in Japanese, where “man” doesn’t mean man, it was just a cool sounding word. Ken is just Ken.


How odd. I was sure whenever the team is referred without Ken, they call them Kagaku Ninjatai, and whenever they refer to Ken alone, they call him Gatchaman. However, when the team is complete, they are referred as Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman…

…but hey, my basis is Berg Katze. That fucking hermslut, trying to trick me again!